Playing the Flame Game

Sorry it’s been slow in ToadChapel lately. My schedule has been hectic. Things have cleared up now, though, and I plan to be productive in the weeks ahead.

Here’s a little combi-flamer toting veteran who’s coming together step by step. It’s been a while since I’ve played a game of Kill Team, so I can’t wait to get him & his mates onto the battlefield!

The Vanguard Cometh

I’ve put together a pair of Infiltrators to frustrate my opponents’ plans.

With these single pose models I usually just add a bit or a bob to give it some character, swap the head, and call it a day.

I figured these Infiltrators were a good place to start from the Shadowspear box. I’ll probably build some of all the Vanguard models, but the high cost of the Suppressors and the low strength of the Eliminators’ bolt sniper rifles put them farther down the list of priorities. The omni-scramblers, however, seem useful and the concealed positions rule seems fun & potentially effective for grabbing valuable real estate.

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Congratulations on Your Promotion, Soldier!l

This former Tactical Gunner was granted Veteran status overnight.

I figured I ought to do what made the most sense for gameplay purposes, even if the fuel canister looks kinda dumb sticking up like that.

Now he’ll have some game outside of 8″. Moreover, the combi-flamer is the best weapon to fire both profiles with, as the bolter shots are essentially free, since the flamer automatically hits. Bully!

Running to the Barbeque

This guy’s cooking up something sweeter than ribs, he’s grilling some heretic shish kabobs!

Unfortunately I kitbashed this Tactical Gunner just before Elites dropped, or I’d have called him a Veteran and given him a combi-flamer. I guess I can chop him up, but I do like the way he looks now. The Veteran, in addition to the superior weapon, has an additional attack and better leadership… and costs less. Maybe that makes the decision for me!

Demoted for the Better

Kill Team Elites has opened up a ton of new options for (almost) every team, and the Astartes may have gotten more new possibilities than anybody.

This former Tactical Sergeant picked up a pistol (I plan to run it as a plasma pistol, at least for now) by becoming a Company Veteran.

Elites has immediately changed what you can do in a Kill Team roster and team. The Space Marines no longer need to scrimp on the best weapons, as the veterans open up what amounts to unlimited access to special weapons.

Dark Angels did not get the same level of flexibility, as they cannot take Sternguard or Vanguard Vets, but I’ll see what I can do. For fluff reasons, I may move the Eremoi away from the First Legion anyway.