Another Acolyte

I just got back from a trip to my family’s cabin, where I joined Josh Berman (@quarterpaint) for a few days of painting, hiking, and gaming. We both painted a bust over the three days we had to work.

Bust of an acolyte, sculpted by Maxime Penaud and released by FeR Miniatures

I painted FeR’s ‘Acolyte’ bust for the third time. This was a repaint of a piece I did a year and a half ago. I feel comfortable saying I’ve made some solid progress! I love this bust for practicing skintones, light, fabric texture, and even a tiny bit of NMM.

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I finished a relatively quick bust that I squeezed in between Barin and a trip out of town. It had been a while since my last female subject, and I haven’t done many overall. I found a model that would offer me plenty of challenges (female skin, hair, NMM) while keeping the complexity low.

Miniature bust of Eryet, from FeR Miniatures

This is Eryet, the Singing Blade from FeR miniatures. She was sculpted by Maxime Penaud, AKA the Secret Workshop. As usual with FeR’s offerings, everything was clean and crisp.

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Barin the Protector

I recently finished Barin the Protector from Hera Models. He is a great dwarf, less grim and aggressive than your average mini and a lot of fun to paint.

This project took longer than any I’ve done, but I enjoyed it the whole way. There were a lot of different surfaces to challenge me, and I just love the subject.

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Grunt Stonecracker!

That’s a good name, don’t you think? Credit Joaquin Palacios for the dwarfy moniker, and more importantly this classic, characterful dwarf bust.

Talk about a fun project. I set out to achieve a more cartoony, graphic quality than I usually aim for. I thought the bust allowed for that interpretation, without forcing me away from some of the more painterly tendencies I’ve worked to develop over the last year or so.

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I’ve spent the last few weeks chipping away at Harald, an older Lucas Pina sculpt released by Heroes & Villains. While it’s not as polished or characterful as the pieces he’s creating now, it is a fun sculpt with a lot of personality.

I was using this model to push my command of NMM and hair, two near ubiquitous elements of mini painting that I, like nearly everyone else, could stand to improve.

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Last week I found myself in search of a project that would challenge me and take me from my comfort zone, but that I could regard as an experiment rather than a piece to be finished to display level. I ended up pulling the Logan, er, human academic bust from Hera out of my box of resin.

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Treebeard Comes!

Baroom baroom! I scored this great bust of an ent, sculpted by Lucas Pina and released by Robot Rocket Miniatures and I couldn’t wait to get some paint on him!

The figure is based on ‘Mean Tweets’ by illustrator Justin Gerard, but as I omitted the nasty crows I am just calling him Treebeard. Justin’s clever wordplay doesn’t really work without the tweeters.

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Dwarven King

Almost exactly a year ago I finished a dwarf bust by Lukáš Žaba. I wanted to do another at this time, punctuating a weird, stressful, yet productive period in my life and representing my artistic growth over the last twelve months.

This is a piece that hopefully captures something of what I’m trying to convey in my painting. Deep colorful shadows, lively & complex skintones, and compositional focus were my aims.

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Ogryn Imperial

I smashed out another mini project over the last week, an ogryn bust painted to look like a soldier in the Imperial Army of the Warhammer 40k universe.

This fun, simple bust was sculpted by the legendary Alfonso Giraldez, AKA Banshee. The model can be purchased from his webstore.

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