Tiny 🕺 Elvis

I’ve found some time to advance this handsome little fellow.

On the one hand, I subtly filed down his champion cheekbones to soften and hobbit him up more, but I’ve given him a scratch on his cheek and a skinned elbow (which you can’t quite see) to indicate that he’s not just a little dandy.

I like the color scheme of green & yellow, which reminds me of my high school uniforms while remaining within the norms of fantasy adventuring fashion.

Effective Highlights and Painting Different Material Finishes

The great David Powell , aka Bailey03, joins us for this guest tutorial, explaining how to better paint highlights and surface reflections. Though David is a sublime figure painter, he’s also a remarkable teacher who always translates his ideas into practical advice.  Read on for David’s tips that will immediately improve your mini painting. Oh, and to see some of his incredible work, too!


David Powell's fearsome black orc (an academic bust from Hera Models) glares at the viewer. There is a subtle interplay of highlights between a universal light sourse and OSL cast by a fire.

When I work with other painters, an area I often try to stress is how to properly paint highlights. Continue reading “Effective Highlights and Painting Different Material Finishes”

Setting Out

I’m underway on my next project, a 54mm hobbit from Enigma miniatures.

I tend to regard each character as a little personality with a unique story. I love this mini because he’s tranquil, not captured in the moment of epic combat. There’s so much possibility in his pose & attitude.  There are far too few quiet minis like this, but this is a good one. I’m aiming to bring Yarry (as he’s officially known) to NOVA in August.

As I progress through the painting, please feel free to share your feedback and impressions. I always love to hear from you!

Pulling My Hair Out!

Fresh back from a fun, if wet, camping trip (my daughter’s first), I sat down this morning to begin my next project. This is the one I’d like to bring to NOVA, so I’m trying to deliver my very best effort.

I started with the eyes and got them looking pretty good.

But not good enough. Continue reading “Pulling My Hair Out!”

On the Road at Last

I’ve been working on my Random Encounter for a long time, but lately I’ve been motivated and enjoying the effort of trying to create a display piece that reflects my current abilities well.

At last I’ve started on a base. He’ll be walking on a deserted road, caught unawares- but not unarmed- by some unseen… what? That’s for you to decide. Continue reading “On the Road at Last”

How to Paint Rust like a Champ

John Margiotta joins us again to teach how he approaches one of his specialities: rust, grime, and corrosion. He’ll be painting up a classic 40k Plague Marine mini to show us how it’s done. Grandfather Nurgle will be proud!

Hello all, BaM here. On today’s tasty menu at the Chapel I’d like to introduce a small tutorial on how I went about painting the rust on my beautiful Deathguard that you may have seen in my gallery.

Continue reading “How to Paint Rust like a Champ”

Grim Reaper

Slowly I’m still adding to my Warhammer 40k Kill Team options. Here’s progress on an Intercessor Sergeant with a chainsword.

I kind of avoid painting these guys until after the wash stage. From that point on it’s fun, but the blocking in of colors is pretty mindless.

If you’re interested in the process, check out this tutorial to learn more.