Week in the Woods (8 IX 19)

I swear this isn’t a Nature blog. It isn’t only a Nature blog, anyway! What can I say? I draw a lot of comfort and inspiration from the natural world, which carries over into my mini painting, my other artwork, my values, and (hopefully) my actions.

My daughter & I were out hiking several times this week. To see what we found, read on. Continue reading “Week in the Woods (8 IX 19)”

Labor Day in the Forest

Back from my fulfilling but lonely trip to DC, I was eager for a hike with my daughter to celebrate Labor Day. As it turns out, I got two.

Purple Flowers.

To check out a bunch of cool and colorful nature stuff, read on! Continue reading “Labor Day in the Forest”

Fungal Treasures

If you visit ToadChapel from time to time you know I’m fond of mushrooms. I love their personalities, opportunism, and gentle tenacity. They inform my artwork, but more than that they speak deeply to my imagination and spirit.

I traveled to Northeast Pennsylvania for Will’s wedding this weekend and got a chance to explore the forest outside the farmhouse we rented. I was rewarded with many wondrous discoveries at my feet. Continue reading “Fungal Treasures”