Week in the Woods (26 IV)

Cassie, Dada, and even Mama got out into the woods this past week, sharing some beautiful Spring flowers, sunshine, and fellowship. The woods have really woken up and offer a chance to restore spirits taxed and tired by isolation.

Nature makes me so happy with its extravagance, ingenuity, and surprises, and Spring is perhaps when the natural world gives most generously to the human soul.

Not to be undone by a carpet of violets and spring beauties, these tiny British soldier lichens were showing off in a forest full of blooms. I was super excited to find them… Cassie & her mom left me behind as I took picture after picture! Read on to see what else we found!

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Week in the Woods (15 IV 20)

Even as temperatures dropped in the Pittsburgh area, Spring finally began to assert itself in woods long choked with last year’s leavings.

Flowers, ferns, and a few fresh fungi put new color & life into our excursions and gave Cassie & Dada lots to discover.

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Week in the Woods (5 IV 20)

Getting outside has been a bright spot in these strange, lonely days. While others have discovered the parks I love, I confess I’ve mostly stayed close to home. Still, there are interesting things to find if you know where to look.

Spring is underway, but Winter is still visible. New colors have appeared and the air is filled with the songs of the birds.

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Week in the Woods (26 III 20)

In these days of confinement and anxiety it’s been comforting to get outside even a little bit. I thought I’d share some pictures from the last few weeks, which saw Winter slowly loosening its grip on my area, even as we all hunkered down.

My wife spotted this stick snake on the short trail near our house. I love its goofy nose. Now we check for it each time we walk by.

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Week in the Woods (25 II 20)

Cassie & I were able to hit the trails for the first time in weeks yesterday. Lately it’s been either dry and cold or warm and wet, but never nice enough for a good hike. Our excursion was great fun, even though the woods were pretty drab. Here are a few of our finds!

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Week in the Woods (27 I 20)

This past weekend I visited my parents’ cabin (where I left this as a surprise) for a couple days of gaming and camaraderie with a pair of good friends. On Sunday morning, after one had left but before the other had rolled out of bed, I took a nice quiet walk around the lake.

I found plenty of beautiful and strange things in the cold misty morning. Read on to see what else I found.

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Week in the Woods (19 I 20)

These photos were taken last week, so I backdated our Week accordingly. Cold has kept little Cassie & me grounded lately, which makes these memories a little sweeter.

On one of our favorite hikes we saw some amazing mushrooms and more. These fellows have… what?! Gills on the top? I sure don’t know. They look sort of geometric. Probably have to draw them, no?

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