Chapter I: Blood Moon

This story begins with ribbons of grey cloud gliding quickly across an Autumn evening above a small village named ToadChapel.

It was the kind of village that bigger towns would call names. So they called it ToadChapel. The unimaginative locals mostly didn’t call it anything at all, since few of them had ever travelled more than a day or so from their homes. Where else would they talk about? Continue reading “Chapter I: Blood Moon”

Tales from ToadChapel

In a small village quite far from just about anywhere, the good people of ToadChapel live out their lives much as their grandparents’ grandparents did. The rest of them do too.

Change comes drifting slow to ToadChapel, but in that place an unlikely and unusual community of many races mingles the sundered and meandering streams of humanity, to say nothing of other decent and sociable types. No one really goes to ToadChapel, they just end up there.

You can find all sorts in this village, just like anywhere else. Continue reading “Tales from ToadChapel”


Many small gods are worshiped in this place.  One neglects them at her peril.

At all hours, when the toadscribes are not around, they accomplish many things great and small.


So what do the small gods make?  Good question.


This was on the forge today.  Some of it is nearly done.  Some is merely growing into something in the village – if you can even call it that – of ToadChapel.

The ToadForge houses the very Anvil of the Toad, where she who is Toad and he who is mouse create the order of the world.

You can always see what the small gods have wrought, but rarely will you catch them in action.  When they seize upon a fragment of our world, the fickle but powerful small gods tumble themselves into it violently, tearing at the fundamental structure of reality, undermining the laws we know in small ways.


But the small gods do not only make things.

4Dwarf Raider

They unmake things as well.


They love surprises.


The small gods are the spirits of my imagination.

8S.Shog. Well.jpg

The small gods set things in motion, change them, distort them.  From many sources unreality expands, shards of a story that sometimes seems to surge in the fires of the Forge.


I am not an expert.  The purpose of ToadChapel is about discovery.  Here you may listen and look for the signs of the small gods at work.

Welcome to ToadChapel

Welcome to ToadChapel. I’m not sure what will grow here, only that something might. ToadChapel is for worldbuilding. Hopefully, ToadChapel will grow into a world.


I began painting miniatures and building scenes a few years ago. I started gaming long before that, then I quit, then I found that love again. I used to write fiction, and I date my awakening as a reader to my first encounter with The Hobbit. I have a lot of other interests too, which I’m sure you’ll learn if you choose to visit ToadChapel often.

ToadChapel might become a part of something larger, or something else. I have some idea of what ToadChapel is, and I want to make it here.  I hope you help me explore this strange place.