Ogryn Imperial

I smashed out another mini project over the last week, an ogryn bust painted to look like a soldier in the Imperial Army of the Warhammer 40k universe.

This fun, simple bust was sculpted by the legendary Alfonso Giraldez, AKA Banshee. The model can be purchased from his webstore.

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Project Space Marine 1: I Dropped My Sandwich!

My friend and mini painting mentor David Colwell suggested that I work my way around the color wheel as a means of deepening my understanding of color. He suggested using space marines for the project, as their abundance of simple shapes (spheres, cylinders, cones, etc) would give plenty of practice with light placement, and their open spaces lots of opportunity to improve my blending.

A space marine in green power armor

This seemed like a great plan, and here is the first of the chromatic space marines.

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Make-Up’s Finished

I put the face on this guy and he’s all set but the Dullcote.

Like I said before, I wasn’t crazy about the scheme and I’m not 100% on the reivers in general, so I bashed him out quickly. Oddly, given my ambivalence, I’m pretty happy with him; I think it comes down to how quickly I finished him off. Now it’s time to test him in battle!

You Can Tell I’m Somebody Important…

…by the cut of my vestments, son.

Here’s some work on the robes & paper stuff. I glazed the robes with VMC Dark Sea Blue to desaturate it and differentiate it from the armor, then I did some exaggerated texture on the raised edges.

The ancient devotional manuscript on his backpack reads:




Back in Blue

My brother-in-law Will is pushing to move up to 200 point Kill Team Commander games. I shouldn’t have much difficulty reaching that level, especially if I add my half-completed librarian to the force.

It’s always hard to capture the look of inks in pictures, but here’s the ivory sections on the armor done. I cover all trace of the Nuln Oil with which most of the mini is washed before applying warm brown & cream colors and washing/glazing with warm brown/yellow/red inks.

I like the exaggerated contrast you can achieve while still taking advantage of a quicker and less technical technique like washing.

Heavy Metal!

My new heavy bolter-toting tactical is ready for Kill Team. Well, he could use some varnish (which will ruin the rust effect, basically).

This guy was a lot of fun to paint. I’m as pleased with the pose as I was when I started and I’m happy with the way the face turned out.

I have several more converted recruits eager to join their mates in Kill Team battle, and I’m converting a few more besides. Stay posted!

Almost there…

Just a few more details left to go on this guy. I was after a very dark skin color that preserved the eerie look of the unit. He’s actually purple and his hair is blue. Pleased.

I love all the wonderful bits & bobs on each of these Dark Angels. Every single piece of wargear is modeled on these guys. And lots more on top of that!

Gold Hood Ornament

This fancy fellow is moving along. A little. Most of the evening was taken up with Top Chef and family.

I haven’t re-applied metallics after washes in grey (at the bottom) and purple, but I think it’s getting a nice sheen.

This is exactly the kind of Golden Age of Comics look I didn’t want! I’ll have to make his face extra grumpy. Maybe pose some hapless nurgling at his feet or something.

Annointed with the Oil of Nuln

Major colors are basecoated (just green, blue, and red), and metallics are blocked out with Oily Steel & hit with a quick highlight of Aluminum. Pretty sure those are both VMC.

Now he’s had his first bath in Blanchitsu-approved Nuln Oil, which helps darken him down from his previous cheery clown suit, as well as unify the overall look of the model.

I typically dislike things like bright blue capes and big gold chains, but I’m going to try to keep him as grim looking as I can to fit in with the look of the unit.