The Return of the King

I’m going to try to buckle down and finish off this little bust from Lukáš Žaba. I started him a while ago but sort of lost steam. I think I succumbed to the paralysis that visits us when we fixate on how good, and how much better, every detail ought to be. I think I’m ready to just dive in, do my best, and move on the the next thing. If I have fun painting and learn a thing or two (which I already have), then he’ll be a success.

And since I’ve got nothing else to do, I’ve also got another 40k Kill Team project started!

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What’s That I See?

You can never have enough missile launchers!

A couple of friends came over today and we painted in my hobby room for several hours. It was a great time and we all got a lot done. I wanted to work on something I’d see on the battlefield soon, so I worked on this little scout with a camo cloak & a missile launcher.

I’m not entirely happy with this conversion, but he’ll look fine on the tabletop. These scouts paint up very quickly, which is nice. I might even be able to get him finished in the next day or two.

All Glory to the God Emperor

I’ve finished the conversion of the intercessor sergeant.

I’m trying to use a pronounced upward sweep in the conversion to draw the attention from the gruesome scene below to an ecstatic vision beyond the tiny world of the base. When we look directly at the face it will put us in the shoes of the God Emperor. I freakin’ love stuff like this.

He’s supposed to have a sort of Saint George vs. the dragon or avenging Saint Michael feel. All these Dark Angels are heavily medieval-ized, and this one is almost a little icon.

He’s carrying his own tolling bells behind him, as he prefers to hunt his enemies with his power sword and makes no effort to conceal his approach.


In my kill team, he’ll primary be tasked with farming command points from the back line and stabbing the life out of anything that charges my heavy hitters. I’ve given him the assault bolt rifle so he can get the extra shots as he advances around at range. Well, and the arm looked just right.

Who’s in Charge Here?

A second sergeant close on the heels of the last. This one’s an intercessor with a power sword.

Currently he has no intercessor parts except the left arm. Otherwise he’s DA veteran, DA hellblaster, Grey Knight, and Empire fanatic bits.

This is one of my very favorite heads in all Warhammer. I think this is my last one. We’ll see if I can do it justice!

On the intercessor gunner I swapped out the basic primaris backpack for a Grey Knights teleporter. This looked more suitable for a comms specialist and helps him look a bit less sleek & new.

Kitbashing a New Sarge

Driven by the brutal necessities of combat on the tableto- sorry, in the 41st Millennium, I’m feeling the need for a new tactical sergeant. This one will function as a sniper with a combi-plasma. Well, he will serve as a sniper after I have another sergeant to take over the leadership of the team.

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Fear the Unforgiven

I’m planning to take advantage of my father-in-law’s nice airbrush to lay down basecoats on a bunch of newly converted Dark Angels. Here are two of the WIP marines, far enough along to merit showing.

On the left is a bog standard tactical. I love turning tactical marines into cool looking figures. It takes some effort! I’m really happy with how he came out. I used some subtle but substantial conversions to get a dynamic pose I don’t think I’ve seen before.

On the right is a missile launcher-wielding gunner. I’m happy with the fact that I’ve managed to turn a crappy set of legs (from DA veterans) into what I hope will be a cool looking model.

Haulin’ Ass Here!

Driven by the need to inflict mortal wounds on my foes, I’m kitbashing a tactical gunner lugging a heavy bolter to cover.

The heavy weapons specialization allows him to fire after moving, so the sprinting pose seems appropriate. Plus the ultra-static, unnatural poses of most GW heavy weapons loadouts are… well, they’re not very cool. As usual, the positioning of the shoulder pads, in particular, will help create an impression of rotation in the torso and cant in the spine, which really improves the dynamism of tactical marines.