Doomsday Device!

24 VI 18

This week the soft and arrogant T’au tried to gain control of a powerful McGuffin newly discovered on a little known world on the edge of the Imperium (we’re still a bit thin on narrative…).  Responding to a ambiguous tip from an unnamed ‘source,’ our stalwart team of Dark Angels arrived just in time to prevent the xenos from overrunning the backward agricultural planet and its token defense force.

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First Encounter

I’ve been painting Dark Angels lately in a really gritty style.  I’m trying to combine the darkness, character, and incredible creativity of blanchitsu style modeling/painting with some of the precision of more tradition display painting.  I’m also aiming for some ‘comic book’ effects, as with the Frank Miller application of the color red!  I’m also aiming to balance a high degree of terror (insofar as 1″ plastic figures can inspire terror) with goofy humor.  Enjoy.

17 VI 18

Will, my brother-in-law, and I played two games of Warhammer 40k Kill Team yesterday.  We were using the 7th edition rules from Heralds of Ruin.  Bear in mind we’ve basically never played!

We each played a game using 125 pts of Dark Angels vs. Plague Marines.

The Dark Angels were rushing to relieve a farming community on a backward agricultural world.  The village, home to an important shrine, was under attack from Plague Marines.  Etc. etc.  This was just a first go.  We’ll improve our attention to detail!


The villagers are fleeing.  The Dark Angels cut them down before the Plague Marines even arrive.  They’re not taking any chances of corruption spreading.  Grim.  Dark.


While the main force of both squads enters close combat in the yard, a Plague Marine sneaks off where my sniper can’t see him, securing the Temple of McGuffin… for now!


Being noobs, we ending up with our forces mired in the town square, imperial subjects running amok.  Despite their monstrous resilience, the forces of Papa Nurgle (me, in this game) were cut down by the superior numbers of the Dark Angels.

We had a great time and I’m sure we’ll do it again soon.  Our long term goal is to create a series of unit-flexible kill teams that we can play against each other.  Will is currently working on T’au, while I’m continuing with the DA.  I have enough Plague Marines for 200 pts or so.

Look out for unit profiles on these figures.  I’ve been kitbashing, converting, and modeling each figure to represent a unique character, and I want to share some of that with you!