All Glory to the God Emperor

I’ve finished the conversion of the intercessor sergeant.

I’m trying to use a pronounced upward sweep in the conversion to draw the attention from the gruesome scene below to an ecstatic vision beyond the tiny world of the base. When we look directly at the face it will put us in the shoes of the God Emperor. I freakin’ love stuff like this.

He’s supposed to have a sort of Saint George vs. the dragon or avenging Saint Michael feel. All these Dark Angels are heavily medieval-ized, and this one is almost a little icon.

He’s carrying his own tolling bells behind him, as he prefers to hunt his enemies with his power sword and makes no effort to conceal his approach.


In my kill team, he’ll primary be tasked with farming command points from the back line and stabbing the life out of anything that charges my heavy hitters. I’ve given him the assault bolt rifle so he can get the extra shots as he advances around at range. Well, and the arm looked just right.

You Always Need More Missile Launchers

In the never ending quest for greater thump, a plucky scout has grabbed a missile launcher and he’s looking around for a head and some stuff.

I think this is a pretty good, if very simple conversion. I had to combine sniper parts with normal scout parts, because the sniper box doesn’t contain a missile launcher. At the same time, marine scouts are sort of innately dinky and the poses of pretty much all missile launcher models just look stupid, in my opinion. So we give em the old chop chop! I think the arms lie in a much more natural pose here, and there’s a bit of swing in the barrel of the weapon.

I’ve got two heads I’m picking from for this model. One looks pretty badass, and one has a badass mustache. A dilemma!

Who’s in Charge Here?

A second sergeant close on the heels of the last. This one’s an intercessor with a power sword.

Currently he has no intercessor parts except the left arm. Otherwise he’s DA veteran, DA hellblaster, Grey Knight, and Empire fanatic bits.

This is one of my very favorite heads in all Warhammer. I think this is my last one. We’ll see if I can do it justice!

On the intercessor gunner I swapped out the basic primaris backpack for a Grey Knights teleporter. This looked more suitable for a comms specialist and helps him look a bit less sleek & new.

Kitbashing a New Sarge

Driven by the brutal necessities of combat on the tableto- sorry, in the 41st Millennium, I’m feeling the need for a new tactical sergeant. This one will function as a sniper with a combi-plasma. Well, he will serve as a sniper after I have another sergeant to take over the leadership of the team.

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You Can Tell I’m Somebody Important…

…by the cut of my vestments, son.

Here’s some work on the robes & paper stuff. I glazed the robes with VMC Dark Sea Blue to desaturate it and differentiate it from the armor, then I did some exaggerated texture on the raised edges.

The ancient devotional manuscript on his backpack reads:




Back in Blue

My brother-in-law Will is pushing to move up to 200 point Kill Team Commander games. I shouldn’t have much difficulty reaching that level, especially if I add my half-completed librarian to the force.

It’s always hard to capture the look of inks in pictures, but here’s the ivory sections on the armor done. I cover all trace of the Nuln Oil with which most of the mini is washed before applying warm brown & cream colors and washing/glazing with warm brown/yellow/red inks.

I like the exaggerated contrast you can achieve while still taking advantage of a quicker and less technical technique like washing.