Back to Bases

With NOVA’s Capital Palette on the horizon, it’s time I got a base under Yarry. I had originally intended to put that mini on a round base, but I think I’ve come up with another solution that will work well.

a handmade display for the recently completed Yarry Lightfeet miniature from Enigma.

This is a 1.5″ cube, on which I’ve sculpted a rock wall and contoured the earth a bit using Milliput. Continue reading “Back to Bases”

What’s Yarry Looking At?

After a couple weeks painting this nice mini I think I’m more or less finished.  There are always tweaks and fixes you discover, but this is basically what he’s going ot look like.

I’ve styled Yarry’s hair, added stripes to his pants, and filled in the last few details.

The hobbit Yarry (Enigma Miniatures) looks at the camera

Oh, and I repainted the face. Minor detail. Continue reading “What’s Yarry Looking At?”

A Few Metal Details and Nearly There

At last I’ve added the metal details to my little hobbit. If I haven’t missed anything, he just needs a jewel painted on the scabbard of his sword and that marvelous pompadour. I’m also planning to put some stripes on his pants, but right now that is still optional.

Yarry, Light Feet with metal buckles and clasps Continue reading “A Few Metal Details and Nearly There”

Getting Dressed for Adventure

Our hobbit friend is slowly getting his clothes on.

I’ve worked up the pants & his pale green shirt. I think I may also add some stripes to the pants, but for now I’m watching the yellow shirt.  I plan to apply a bit of pointillism there to create a different texture. Continue reading “Getting Dressed for Adventure”

Tiny 🕺 Elvis

I’ve found some time to advance this handsome little fellow.

On the one hand, I subtly filed down his champion cheekbones to soften and hobbit him up more, but I’ve given him a scratch on his cheek and a skinned elbow (which you can’t quite see) to indicate that he’s not just a little dandy.

I like the color scheme of green & yellow, which reminds me of my high school uniforms while remaining within the norms of fantasy adventuring fashion.

Setting Out

I’m underway on my next project, a 54mm hobbit from Enigma miniatures.

I tend to regard each character as a little personality with a unique story. I love this mini because he’s tranquil, not captured in the moment of epic combat. There’s so much possibility in his pose & attitude.  There are far too few quiet minis like this, but this is a good one. I’m aiming to bring Yarry (as he’s officially known) to NOVA in August.

As I progress through the painting, please feel free to share your feedback and impressions. I always love to hear from you!