Apothecary Nearly Done: Prepare for Saving.

I’m approaching the end of this fellow, who has taken far longer than normal/expected. It will be fun to play a game with such a drastically different figure on the table. I’m working very slowly on a bunch of other command units (librarian, captain, and company champion). Hopefully they’ll be compatible with both the Heralds of Ruins rules (where I can use terminators) and the expanded ruleset for Games Workshop’s Kill Team game.

I tried to give him the intense eyes of someone under emotional as well as physical strain. As with all these Dark Angels, I’ve deliberately tried to avoid any of the personality-less uniformity of some space marine units.

A better shot of the lenses. I’ll clean up the metals on the ocular tubes once the lenses themselves are fully dry.

Here’s the back almost done. I’ll use gloss varnish on all the glass bits, which should hopefully look pretty cool with the big ones on the left.

It’s of course tempting to do a little freehand on the cape, but that doesn’t really compliment the overall style of the unit. I suppose I can always change my mind later if I want to add anything.

Apothecary Cape

I’ve been chipping away at my Dark Angels apothecary. The ivory and red sections have been brought back up after a heavy wash over almost everything, and the cape has been painted… although it’s tempting to put some freehand on there.

In my choice of colors, I’m trying to balance the light, healing, angelic aspect of the apothecary (he is the only model in the group with ivory armor) while also referring to his role as the ferryman and preserver of the gene seed.

I still have to do most of the doo-dads, the green armor, and the face.

Edge of the Trail

V 1.1.jpg

I did a bit more work on this and think it may be nearing completion.  I added some taller red flowers and increased the density of them in some places.  They’re also back behind the log, along with a bunch of laser cut leaves.  You can see a few of the leaves here.  They’re not really to scale, but we can assume they’re from some bush or something.

The frame is only cleaned up in primer, so I’ll go over that with black craft paint when I get some.  I won’t see my mom for a few weeks, so I’ll have plenty of opportunity to add or alter things, but I’m pretty happy with where this sits now.

I was trying  to focus the photo on the pale blue butterfly, but it’s too tiny for my camera or something.  Anyway, she’s up on the branch getting a lot of attention now.