Random Encounter: Spotty Shirt

I’ve got the shirt on my dwarf about where I want it and shaded the socks & pantaloons.

The shirt’s done with pointillism to give it a very different texture to the surrounding textiles. Though the shadows are quite deep, I haven’t pushed the highlights extremely high. This will create the impression of a soft fabric that doesn’t reflect much light.

Random Encounter

Here’s a figure I’ve had on the back burner for a long time. I was so inspired by some of the work at MFCA that I wanted to get back to some display painting. I’ve still got plenty to do for gaming & narrative purposes, but I’ve been enjoying the competitions lately and I want to put together some pieces that showcase my current abilities.

It’s the classic ‘Random Encounter’ by FeR miniatures. Just put in some work on the skin, trying to do my best. Matt DiPietro told me to “paint boldly”, so I’m giving it a go.

Gang Green

I’ve finished off (though it looks like I need to paint stones on the archer) a small band of goblins who might cause some trouble for the people of ToadChapel.

The brighter one in the back had been done in true metallics and mounted on a plinth years ago, but I popped him off, painted NMM over the TMM, and slapped him on a gaming base.

These guys are fun and quick little minis that you can bash out in a set pretty easily. They’re tiny!