Heavy Metal!

My new heavy bolter-toting tactical is ready for Kill Team. Well, he could use some varnish (which will ruin the rust effect, basically).

This guy was a lot of fun to paint. I’m as pleased with the pose as I was when I started and I’m happy with the way the face turned out.

I have several more converted recruits eager to join their mates in Kill Team battle, and I’m converting a few more besides. Stay posted!

First Invasion of the ‘Nids!

Will & I enjoyed a game and a half of Kill Team this afternoon after we used the airbrush to base & prime some models & terrain.

He brought an entirely new team of tyrannids, led by three warriors (we posed them behind the authentic action for this shot).

My Dark Angels combo of plasma sniper supercharging his weapon beneath a comms buff and an auspex buff was pretty brutal. I dropped his leader in a single round of rapid fire shooting, and put the final two damage on another warrior. Both were true kills on the injury roll.

He’s eager to start tweaking his team, but I know I got lucky against his big guns: he didn’t land a hit, I believe.

There he is, my plasma sniper just exterminating bugs. He pulled some serious weight today!

Fear the Unforgiven

I’m planning to take advantage of my father-in-law’s nice airbrush to lay down basecoats on a bunch of newly converted Dark Angels. Here are two of the WIP marines, far enough along to merit showing.

On the left is a bog standard tactical. I love turning tactical marines into cool looking figures. It takes some effort! I’m really happy with how he came out. I used some subtle but substantial conversions to get a dynamic pose I don’t think I’ve seen before.

On the right is a missile launcher-wielding gunner. I’m happy with the fact that I’ve managed to turn a crappy set of legs (from DA veterans) into what I hope will be a cool looking model.

Death to the Space Acrobats!

Will & I jammed another game of Kill Team last night. He played the harlequin troupe he’s been working on, while I put together a team of Dark Angels. I wouldn’t say it was very tactical…

On turn two we had a slugfest brewing, and on turn three every model had joined the fray! In the end the weight of bodies was decisive after I picked off an early player before he could charge.

The mobility of the harlequins is amazing and promises lots of fun, so I’m looking forward to fielding some reivers of my own, equipping them with grappling hooks, and jumping over some walls.

Haulin’ Ass Here!

Driven by the need to inflict mortal wounds on my foes, I’m kitbashing a tactical gunner lugging a heavy bolter to cover.

The heavy weapons specialization allows him to fire after moving, so the sprinting pose seems appropriate. Plus the ultra-static, unnatural poses of most GW heavy weapons loadouts are… well, they’re not very cool. As usual, the positioning of the shoulder pads, in particular, will help create an impression of rotation in the torso and cant in the spine, which really improves the dynamism of tactical marines.