First Invasion of the ‘Nids!

Will & I enjoyed a game and a half of Kill Team this afternoon after we used the airbrush to base & prime some models & terrain.

He brought an entirely new team of tyrannids, led by three warriors (we posed them behind the authentic action for this shot).

My Dark Angels combo of plasma sniper supercharging his weapon beneath a comms buff and an auspex buff was pretty brutal. I dropped his leader in a single round of rapid fire shooting, and put the final two damage on another warrior. Both were true kills on the injury roll.

He’s eager to start tweaking his team, but I know I got lucky against his big guns: he didn’t land a hit, I believe.

There he is, my plasma sniper just exterminating bugs. He pulled some serious weight today!

Death to the Space Acrobats!

Will & I jammed another game of Kill Team last night. He played the harlequin troupe he’s been working on, while I put together a team of Dark Angels. I wouldn’t say it was very tactical…

On turn two we had a slugfest brewing, and on turn three every model had joined the fray! In the end the weight of bodies was decisive after I picked off an early player before he could charge.

The mobility of the harlequins is amazing and promises lots of fun, so I’m looking forward to fielding some reivers of my own, equipping them with grappling hooks, and jumping over some walls.

Tabletop Action

Over the weekend my brother-in-law taught me the rules for the GW Kill Team game. We weren’t using the expanded commander rules yet.

We played a game of T’au (Will) against Thousand Sons (yours truly), which he won.

I love rank & file and skirmish scale games, so this format is very appealing to me. Though the available units for each faction are few, the weapon loadouts, specialist abilities & tactics, and the faction tactics should provide variety. While I’m looking forward to more HoR, where I can use e.g. terminators, hellblasters, and my new apothecary, the new Games Workshop format has a lot going for it.

The turn structure is great, with alternating actions between players. We may well incorporate this wrinkle into our HoR games, as it reduces the penalty of going second and introduces interesting tactical decisions into the game.

I also really enjoy the tiny ‘killzones.’ Keep your eyes out for some custom boards in the weeks ahead!

Attack of the Plague Marines!

Today I taught my best friend Tom to play Kill Team.  The basics, at least.  We’re looking forward to lots of exciting games to come.


Emerging from the ruins of an ancient ritual site, a band of plague marines ambushed the Dark Angels as they strove to disable an exterminatus device threatening the destruction of an entire world.  Once the weapon was located, forces from both sides converged upon a central square.

The Emperor tipped a few dice rolls in our favor early, putting a mortal wound onto a plague marine with my first sniper shot.  Soon thereafter, a grenade hitting five times took out a his plague belcher before he could fire it up, also putting a wound on his champion.  My plasma gunner drew a hail of bullets, but he fought bravely before the end, giving the rest of his team enough time to whittle down the opposition.  Opposing terminators dropped in on turn two, but mine proved better able to lend support where it mattered.

Going forward, we’re hoping to put together an elite Grey Knight army for Tom.  Tom’s a great gamer, so I’m eager to see the ideas he brings to the table!

Battle in the Woods

My brother-in-law and fellow nerd Will & I spent the last two days in the woods at my family’s cabin.  Though the weather in Pittsburgh had been oppressively hot, things were perfect out in the woods.


Though we were playing Kill Team, we did manage to field a monstrous creature or two.


We played several games of DA vs. T’au, using all the units we’ve been painting recently and a bunch of terrain we’ve been working on.  Best of all, we were able to play outside.

Cabin Game

The surprise stars of the trip, though, were the 2-0 Plague Marines!  Though they fielded only six models, they only lost one of them in the two games.  In 8th edition they are hard as nails, especially against small arms fire.  The 5S really helps neutralize the powerful T’au guns.  It might take them three turns to find an enemy they can shoot, but…

T'au About to Die

Here sit six firewarriors and a 5W cadre fireblade.  Eighteen 4+ 5S shots, three 2+ 5S shots.  My terminator teleport struck, charged, and tied this entire force up for two turns.  A marine with a plague belcher chugged up to the fight on turn four, turned a few of the firewarriors to goop, and that was that.  Hail Papa Nurgle!

Storm the Church

Will & I played a good game of Kill Team today, using a lot of new terrain pieces.  Most of the terrain is still unpainted, but it’s already a lot of fun to play with.  We hope to expand our battleground options as much as possible.

Sergeant Bane was tasked with the retieval of a poewrful relic, the Chalice of McGuffin, which was believed to lie within an abandoned church upon a largely feral agricultural world.  Once again our allegedly heroic Dark Angels encountered the resistance of the soft and technology-dependent T’au, who were waiting for the Angels when they arrived.

The Dark Angels craftily moved into cover to avoid the devastating T’au guns, while gaining ground on several objectives.  Our scout sniper, who had infiltrated into an ideal shooting position, began his strafing of the entire board, which would last the entire game.  On turn two I was able to unload plenty of plasma into Will’s left flank, while my own left survived the dangerous barrage from his stealth suit & a rail rifle-equipped pathfinder.


By the Will’s crisis suit arrived from reserve on turn two, I had grabbed the momentum beyond retrieval.  Aided by some benevolent Dice Gods, I was able to methodically pick off his units and force a rout test, which he failed.  Victory to the Sons of the Lion!

Doomsday Device!

24 VI 18

This week the soft and arrogant T’au tried to gain control of a powerful McGuffin newly discovered on a little known world on the edge of the Imperium (we’re still a bit thin on narrative…).  Responding to a ambiguous tip from an unnamed ‘source,’ our stalwart team of Dark Angels arrived just in time to prevent the xenos from overrunning the backward agricultural planet and its token defense force.

The 200 points of Dark Angels were led by a grim and relentless sergeant.  He was able to restore the discipline we lacked against the disgusting Plague Marines.

24VI18 Gr

By using cover effectively during the battle (and by maintaining their power armor in peak condition beforehand!), the Dark Angels applied overwhelming firepower to half the board.  Our boltguns tore a detachment of exposed fire warriors to shreds.  With three objectives secured, Phase 1 of our strategy was completed.

The enemy leader was wearing a stealth suit and sniping from a crow’s nest that commanded the center of the board.  His removal was critical to our success.  The Dark Angels’ new Deathwing terminator arrived via Deep Strike on turn two and promptly unleashed hell with his twin-linked storm bolter.  Phase 2 complete!

On turn three the Deathwing located the Doomsday Device, fortuitously completing Phase 3 of our strategy.   At this point commander W’ill was forced to send his poorly supported crisis suit into a brawl in the center of the board to contest my control of the victory condition.  The Dark Angels terminator introduced the T’au to his power fist, two other marines piled in, and the cowardly xenos were sent packing.  All hail the Emperor!

24VI18 Ac