Death to the False Emp… er… Death to the Traitors!

Will showed up last night with a team of GW’s terrific looking new heretic Astartes (mostly) painted. He’s going with an Alpha Legion paint scheme, which looks great on these detailed models. I played my Eremoi Dark Angels as usual.

We played a match with five objectives, scoring points after each turn. Control of closer objectives was worth one point each, those on the opponent’s side were worth two, and the central objective granted three points to anyone brave enough to take it.

I gotta say, I still love the way the board & ruins look. Might have to make another board soon!

This was my view at the start of the game. It was my first time using the recently finished reiver. I put together a list to fit him in, thinking it probably wasn’t optimal. As it turned out, the list was pretty well tuned. Will fielded five chaos space marines and six cultists.

Wait! Where are all those models?!

Will had a huge mob of baddies clumped together behind a wall to start the game. He had a good plan and stuck to it.

On turn two Will had two marines hiding behind three cultists, threatening the three-point central objective. This was the critical moment of the game.

My overwhelming firepower, most of which had not moved after repositioning on the first turn, was able to chew through the cultists and take down one of the marines. The final marine was not within two inches of the objective and did not earn Will the two points. Had I taken down even one fewer heretic, I would have lost the game.

My reiver didn’t kill anything, but did pull the mighty zealot (power sword & plasma pistol) off the center when he threatened Will’s control of one of the rear objectives. While it saved me the three points, it locked up all my shooting for a turn. In the shot above my reiver has already died from a Icon of Flame-induced mortal wound and a stab from a power sword.

Headed into the final turn!

The heretic zealot got back to the middle in a last ditch effort to steal the game, but the Eremoi shot him off. It took almost all my pieces to get him, and I even had to reroll the final injury roll to take him out. I had nothing left to fire at his cultists in the back corner, but managed to fire a frag missile down the alley at the marine & cultist holding down the objective in the open. I managed to blast the marine, but his cultist withstood another attack and held on to the objective to secure a 8-8 tie.

Will played far more aggressively and dynamically, but my superior weapons did just enough to hold on for the tie. We both made some opportunistic plays.

I’d say that the vicissitudes of war helped me out. I got his plasma gunner on turn one, which could easily have helped him dislodge some of my loyalists from their nests.

Despite the poor reputation of chaos space marines in Kill Team, I was impressed by what Will brought to the table and definitely know I was fortunate to leave with a tie. The Emperor protects!

We’ve Got Them Surrounded, Sir

Last night my Eremoi battled Will’s Drukhari in a battle on my new desert board. We played the narrative mission Ambush, where his objective was to get more than half his team through my forces and off the map.

A Kabalite wielding a dark lance did work from the backfield, taking out my missile launcher on turn one after a decisive shot took the initiative from me. I chose not to challenge, as my whole team was ready and I preferred to keep the command points. His comms specialist upped the percentages but rarely contributed to shooting, since he only had a 12″ range.

A few wyches got my marines into CC, while a pair made a break for the escape zone. My combi-plasma gun took down one charger on overwatch, which definitely helped me in the early game.

When the dark lance was finally forced to move, my leader & heavy moved out to safely open fire on him as he hid behind a wall buttress.

In the end the Eremoi took out enough elves through solid shooting and got that sixth kill in a team of ten to wrap up the win. Still, Will made it a tough game despite long odds. We’re looking forward to more games between these factions as soon as possible.

Desert Duel

The Grey Knights of the Inquisition somehow got word that the Eremoi caste of Dark Angels has been dabbling in warp science and were dispatched to – er – dispatch them.

Tom & I got in a great game of Kill Team this evening using my new Sector Fronteris board.. He fielded his psykers and I my heavy-hitting Unforgiven. Terror Tactics was the mission.

After Tom advanced on my forward position and psybolted my heavy bolter (heavy specialist), I brought down his Demon Hammer-wielding combat specialist on turn one. Following that early action we turned out attention to the center of the board and began to duke it out.

I charged the aggressor, who had survived a double tap from my tactical sergeant (sniper) firing both profiles on his combi-plasma gun. I kept my intercessor sergeant farther from his grey knight to avoid being hit with a mind bullet.

As we fought for control of the center of the board, our gunlines sustained fire behind the melee.

But wait! The stalwart Grey Knight Andros not only survived six attacks from a power sword and killed my plasma gunner, he fell back and made a run for the edge of the board! With two flesh wounds, he advanced right out of the game, giving Tom the two points that locked up the win for the Inquisition.

We had a fun time putting two good-looking teams onto to some nice terrain and slaughtering one-another’s space marines. Things looked like a cake-walk for Tom early on, but proved fairly competitive as the game continued. We made a few mistakes we’ll try to correct next time, but overall the exciting and fast paced game played out well.

Hope you have time in your weekend for some great gaming with friends!

Drukhari Meet the Emperor’s Finest

Will’s getting together a kill team of Dark Eldar. The plan is to handle the painting collaboratively, but for now we just wanted to see them on the table.

The mission was Sweep & Clear.

Bundle of fun! All my specialists in one little knot to start the game. We’ve got my new intercessor sergeant as leader, along with my plasma sniper, intercessor comms, and heavy bolter heavy specialists. The group split up on turn one, but presented both a juicy target for melee and a wall of fire at range. Along with these two I had my new missile scout & a standard tactical marine to complete the team.

Will’s team included five wyches and five kabalites. He had a combat and a zealot specialist and a sniper with a dark lance laying down heavy shots from the backfield.

Will’s Drukhari hid behind our new chapels & crypts, maneuvering into position to bring my boys into close combat. I only sighted two targets but nipped one wych on turn one. Turn two saw me drop another with my ranged weapons, while the xenos got my sniper and comms specialists, as well as the tactical, into melee with a wych armed with hydra gauntlets.

Turn three was the big turn. My missile launcher and heavy bolter threw out a ton of shots that started chewing up his kabalites, while my sarge moved decisively, led by example, and honored the chapter on the same turn. That was six attacks with the power sword, two more from the comms intercessor, and five straight attacks at the top of the turn. My melee attacks only netted one casualty, but it put my Eremoi up 4-0 in points and kills.

When I picked off a fifth model on turn four, Will’s Dark Eldar packed it in and headed back to Commorragh with their braids between their legs! I had only sustained a single flesh wound at that point.

We both felt the Drukhari seemed like a very fun faction and quite viable, though this particular game was very lopsided. The Power from Pain and Combat Drugs rules add a lot of flavor and excitement, though the latter, in particular, also increases variability dramatically. Once Will’s adjusted his team somewhat we’ll run it back soon. That said, Drukhari do seem likely to struggle against MEQs, given their low strength melee weapons (unless they roll Grave Lotus on the Combat Drugs table). Without question, the roll for Drugs could potentially swing the game before the tip-off. I’m sure things will tighten up as Will learns the faction better.

I was very pleased with the missile launching scout and the sergeant. The frag missiles delivered doses of shots as necessary. And while the leader’s power sword was overkill against the Drukhari’s 4++ melee save, his three attacks definitely made him a beatstick. Wait till I get that chainsword sergeant painted!

It was a great time battling it out with a bunch of new models & terrain. I can’t wait to defend the Imperium again soon!

Battle of the New Hobby Room

For the first battle in my new hobby space Tom & Will squared off in a match-up of Will’s Harlequins and Tom’s new Grey Knights.

Tom made clever use of terrain to pick off two Harlequins in the first two turns with psybolt. Will was grabbing objective points and jumping out to a quick lead, but with only six harlequin models it looked like Tom might break Will’s team quickly.

Will used the Prismatic Blur stratagem to boost his invulnerable save to 3+ on the first two turns and dodged a hail of bullets from the humans on the first two turns. Tom rolled great (on 18 shots per turn), but Will saved 100% of his wounds and only needed one reroll.

Not where you want to be! On turn four Tom’s justicar got jumped by a player. The Knights kept the xenos in the midrange for several turns, but eventually the mobility of the harlequins proved decisive and a couple of close combat struggles opened up across the board.

Come on, guys! Couldn’t you have fought on the lovely painted terrain?

It was a fun game to watch and a tense one for the players. Will’s harlequins came out on top, which I would not have predicted after two turns. Once he stabilized on the board, his point lead was insurmountable.

We had a great afternoon of gaming and out-hanging. I’m looking forward to lots more games of Kill Team in my new den of nerdery. I’ll see you next time our forces clash!

Plague… Psykers?!?

My buddy Tom & I played a very enjoyable game of Kill Team this afternoon.

He eventually wants to play Grey Knights, so we proxied in some suitable Death Guard as gangrenous psyker transhumans.

On the Christmas Planet, the heretical texts of the Santa Cult speak of Cora, Destroyer of Worlds, wandering the night sky above.

That’s my cat Cora up in the tree fishing ornaments off with her little paw.

To war!

This was my force today. I was pumped to get my heavy bolter on the table. I’m really happy with the way he turned out. Technically my sergeant was not properly modeled, so his comrades burned with shame at that.

Though the intercessor in the rear hasn’t got anything but primer on him, the rest of the team looks great, I think. I’m really proud of these guys and I’m still having fun creating what I hope are interesting little personalities for each.

Objective secured.

Turn three, the highlight of the game. One tactical Dark Angel and one Grey Knight -er, Gross Knight- lie dead in the center of the board after Tom bullrushed my gunline. The heavy bolter (SW corner on platform) & the psilencer (NW on platform) have exchanged a few rounds of ineffective, but very loud, shooting.

I’d been readying everybody every turn, and never did move a model in this game. I liked my position, I had buffs to throw around (comms & auspex), and we were in rapid fire pretty much the whole way.

My new heavy bolter-wielding demolitions specialist is hitting and wounding on twos- though he has seen enough of war and rolls only ones. Tom maneuvers one of his Gross Knights (NE corner) out of LoS of all my DA except for the heavy bolter, who threatens the whole board from his elevated position. Though my specialist is the fifth guy away from the psyker (because GK are all psykers), he’s in range and is the only visible enemy. Psybolt! POOF!! It was a really clever use by Tom both of the terrain (to block the LoS of my whole team) and of the Grey Knights’ unique rules (and this is a rule that does not at first appear too sexy, given that you can still only use one psybolt per turn). That’s why I love playing games with Tom!

Ultimately some ceramite-bursting blasts (bit of hot plasma, krak grenade from an auxiliary grenade launcher) and better weight of fire from the stout hearted Eremoi Dark Angels proved decisive, but on turn five (the final turn) Tom had a psybolt and four shots from a storm bolter to take out three guys- had he done so, he would have secured the win!

It was a close game (with a few rules missteps, as usual) and a fun one. It wasn’t my plan to set up a gunline, but it worked out that way. The demolitions/heavy bolter & comms/auspex combo worked well, putting out a ton of super deadly shots. My rolling was terrible, but it did what it was supposed to! The sniper/plasma set-up is just an assassin. Safely overcharging the plasmagun, he’s so good on his own, and great with a buff or two.


I have a lot of projects, some quite large, that I either am working on or wish to work on, but I still really like adding models to my Dark Angels team. I do wish GW would provide some means of differentiating Dark Angels, Blood Angels, and Space Wolves from the vanilla chapters. At the very least a couple of stratagems.

Deathwing! Hellblasters!! Knights!!!

Happy hobbying to you!

First Invasion of the ‘Nids!

Will & I enjoyed a game and a half of Kill Team this afternoon after we used the airbrush to base & prime some models & terrain.

He brought an entirely new team of tyrannids, led by three warriors (we posed them behind the authentic action for this shot).

My Dark Angels combo of plasma sniper supercharging his weapon beneath a comms buff and an auspex buff was pretty brutal. I dropped his leader in a single round of rapid fire shooting, and put the final two damage on another warrior. Both were true kills on the injury roll.

He’s eager to start tweaking his team, but I know I got lucky against his big guns: he didn’t land a hit, I believe.

There he is, my plasma sniper just exterminating bugs. He pulled some serious weight today!