Disaster Strikes!

The squad of marines, fearless heroes all, moved among the crumbling walls and dilapidated mausolea of the hive cemetery. The only sounds were whispered battle chatter across the vox lines and the clank of boots on the metal pathways of what had once been a thriving Imperial city.

According to reports, strange warp activity had been detected in this area.  Chaos?  They were taking no chances.

Then, as if from nowhere, the enemy were among them, swinging cruel blades and discharging blasts of freezing flame.  As the Astartes fanned out to create a defensive net, the blur of dark and horrible shapes engulfed them.

It’s time for another Kill Team battle report. Past time! Sorry for the wait.


But imagine how I feel. I preordered Elites, and didn’t play a game with the new rules until tonight!

You can imagine how excited I was to get some of the new units I’d painted on the board, bold Space Marines as yet unblooded on field of battle… Continue reading “Disaster Strikes!”

Burn, Baby, Burn!

Inspired perhaps by the great painters who have been hanging around the Chap lately, I got the brushes wet and finished off this Company Veteran toting a combi-flamer this evening.

I’ll be out of town for a few days, so I didn’t want to start into a project I’d be forced to immediately abandon. Luckily, I had something I knew I could complete quickly.

He’s going into the Kill Team force and I painted him like I paint all the Eremoi*. You can see that a few key details (the face, the muzzle of the flamer) got a fair amount of attention, serving as the focal points for a otherwise pretty basic model.

The conversion was both fun and frustrating. Painting that Space Wolf beard down inside the Deathwatch collar was annoying, and the legs don’t quite work. There’s a twist in the feet that I’ve disguised as best I can with tilt & lean, but I only have so many usable pairs of legs and needed to make do. It looks a bit like he’s crab walking!

I do plan to get back to some display level painting while I’m off for the Summer, but these gaming figures, whose imperfections I can tolerate, are a great chance to see projects come together quickly and hit the tabletop for some action. Moreover, when I have free time these days, I am trying to ask myself what I want to do and following my inclination without feeling guilty. After all, hobbies are meant to be fun, right?


* I still owe you a backstory for the Eremoi, I know! Leave me a comment if you’re curious and I’ll move it higher on the list of priorities.

Demoted for the Better

Kill Team Elites has opened up a ton of new options for (almost) every team, and the Astartes may have gotten more new possibilities than anybody.

This former Tactical Sergeant picked up a pistol (I plan to run it as a plasma pistol, at least for now) by becoming a Company Veteran.

Elites has immediately changed what you can do in a Kill Team roster and team. The Space Marines no longer need to scrimp on the best weapons, as the veterans open up what amounts to unlimited access to special weapons.

Dark Angels did not get the same level of flexibility, as they cannot take Sternguard or Vanguard Vets, but I’ll see what I can do. For fluff reasons, I may move the Eremoi away from the First Legion anyway.

Father-er-Brother Christmas

The color scheme is pretty evocative, I’ll grant you. Maybe a bit more merry than grimdark!

I use a lot of red to identify my sergeants, and this one’s got plenty. I like to paint the red flat & bright, too!

He’s carrying a boltgun & an auspex. I’ll finish him soon and try out some new line-ups.

What? He’s not holding his weapon, you say? He’s charging the enemy to strangle them with his bare hands! How dare you suggest he’s fleeing the battle like a poltroon?!

Dance with Death

Kill Team Eremoi had descended by drop pod to the surface of Harena 09-3 in a furious sandstorm. Three squads fanned out across the landscape, looking for signs of the imperial research outpost from which the distress signal had come.

When Harena had first been colonized two centuries earlier, it had been a verdant world of opportunity. Now the planet had been stripped of all native life by some mysterious force.

As they searched, Squad Beta encountered the first signs of human habitation southeast of the drop site: the ruined walls of a sprawling research facility, a floor where the sand had been blown clear, occasionally a laboratory almost intact. The wreckage of the imperial installation rose ghostlike from the blinding sand that whipped around them.

The squad also began to find amidst the ruins the corpses of colonists marked with the foul sigils of chaos. Hideous brands scarred their limbs, their hands still clutched cruel improvised weapons, and unspeakable litanies written on parchment fluttered upon repellent standards. No evidence could be found of how they had died. It was clear they had not lain in the sand for long.

As Squad Beta pushed farther into the ruined laboratory complex, there suddenly appeared, as if from nowhere, a small host of gaudily clad yet fearsome warriors wearing golden masks and bearing bizarre xenos weaponry. The Eremoi had little time to take positions or issue orders, for no sooner had the strange figures appeared than they charged with astonishing speed and lethal grace into the ranks of the Astartes. Continue reading “Dance with Death”