What’s That I See?

You can never have enough missile launchers!

A couple of friends came over today and we painted in my hobby room for several hours. It was a great time and we all got a lot done. I wanted to work on something I’d see on the battlefield soon, so I worked on this little scout with a camo cloak & a missile launcher.

I’m not entirely happy with this conversion, but he’ll look fine on the tabletop. These scouts paint up very quickly, which is nice. I might even be able to get him finished in the next day or two.

More Boys for the Cause

Because you can never have enough choices…

… here are some kitbashes of a tactical gunner toting a flamer and a tac sergeant with a chainsword & plasma pistol.

I’m gradually pushing up against the twenty man roster limit, which is exciting. I need an incentive to start a new army!

Legion of Boom

Hobby time has been tight lately, but I’m getting another missile launcher scout ready to join my Dark Angels kill team.

I’ve found the range and versatility to justify the steep price, and a camo cloak helps keep the investment on the table. The cloaks do require a bit of Green Stuff to convert, though.

Demon Hunters

Everyone’s favorite demon-smiting magic spacemen have entered the Chapel!

I’ve been plugging away at these behind the scenes, on the off chance that Tom checks the blog! These are a gift for him. I don’t have the time for my usual conversions and so on, because Tom needs his troops and fast!

Four are straight out of the box, but they’re still a real pain to assemble. Really strange set of parts in there, to be honest!

The justicar, the leader of the team, has got a converted warding stave, a Deathwatch =I= shoulder pad to match the Grey Knights pad on the left, and a cool little standard from the GK terminators box. He also has a face for extra awesome.

Hopefully I can turn this project around soon. Never painted Grey Knights before, but they seem super easy to get to a decent standard.

As my mother always says, famous last words…

All Glory to the God Emperor

I’ve finished the conversion of the intercessor sergeant.

I’m trying to use a pronounced upward sweep in the conversion to draw the attention from the gruesome scene below to an ecstatic vision beyond the tiny world of the base. When we look directly at the face it will put us in the shoes of the God Emperor. I freakin’ love stuff like this.

He’s supposed to have a sort of Saint George vs. the dragon or avenging Saint Michael feel. All these Dark Angels are heavily medieval-ized, and this one is almost a little icon.

He’s carrying his own tolling bells behind him, as he prefers to hunt his enemies with his power sword and makes no effort to conceal his approach.


In my kill team, he’ll primary be tasked with farming command points from the back line and stabbing the life out of anything that charges my heavy hitters. I’ve given him the assault bolt rifle so he can get the extra shots as he advances around at range. Well, and the arm looked just right.

You Always Need More Missile Launchers

In the never ending quest for greater thump, a plucky scout has grabbed a missile launcher and he’s looking around for a head and some stuff.

I think this is a pretty good, if very simple conversion. I had to combine sniper parts with normal scout parts, because the sniper box doesn’t contain a missile launcher. At the same time, marine scouts are sort of innately dinky and the poses of pretty much all missile launcher models just look stupid, in my opinion. So we give em the old chop chop! I think the arms lie in a much more natural pose here, and there’s a bit of swing in the barrel of the weapon.

I’ve got two heads I’m picking from for this model. One looks pretty badass, and one has a badass mustache. A dilemma!

Who’s in Charge Here?

A second sergeant close on the heels of the last. This one’s an intercessor with a power sword.

Currently he has no intercessor parts except the left arm. Otherwise he’s DA veteran, DA hellblaster, Grey Knight, and Empire fanatic bits.

This is one of my very favorite heads in all Warhammer. I think this is my last one. We’ll see if I can do it justice!

On the intercessor gunner I swapped out the basic primaris backpack for a Grey Knights teleporter. This looked more suitable for a comms specialist and helps him look a bit less sleek & new.