Eldritch Elf: 6 XII 18

Ok, here come most of the main structural elements of the scene. I’ll need to create a road, which will pretty much leave me with details (probably few) and painting. Now it starts to look like something, perhaps, but this is super easy.

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Eldritch Elf: 5 XII 18

…I’m starting to feel like I’ve got to get a move on. This is a more involved project than I had initially imagined, and a new baby sure cuts into your hobby time!

Anyway, I’ve finished the subtractive surfacing of the wall. The glue held without difficulty and the frames gave me a much better frame of reference for cutting the bricks. Score.

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Eldritch Elf: 27 XI 18

Solstice time has come again, and that means the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society‘s annual gift exchange! This year we’ve begun calling it Eldritch Elf. I love this thing. Those who participate are given the name & address of another member of the Society to whom they must send a gift, etc etc. This exchange, though, is all Lovecraft fanatics. Like a good elf, I always make a unique piece for my unknown friend. Continue reading “Eldritch Elf: 27 XI 18”