I am a hobbyist, modeler, painter, gamer, writer, et al.  My goal with ToadChapel is to synthesize these and other interests into something strange and special, and to share it with people who enjoy looking on as it’s born, grows, and evolves.

10Street Scene.jpg

As you’ll see if you look, ToadChapel’s not vague.  It’s broad, though.  It’s about storytelling.  Hopefully other voices will join the conversations on the streets.

10Deep One 2

It’s likely there won’t be many conversations in Toadchapel for a while.  That’s ok, I’m going to do this, anyway.  For now, I can hear many voices with stories to tell, but I’ll eventually need yours.

I like how quiet ToadChapel is, but maybe you’ll become one of the voices on the road.  Perhaps the toadsingers will sing of you in their sagas.  Doubtless the dread relics of your ancestors lie buried in a forgotten tomb we’ve yet to discover.  Maybe you are simply a very small god, a spirit of the place.  There are many sorts of visitor to ToadChapel.


Hopefully we’ll get out of the village of ToadChapel, soon, to tell the truth.  Bit of dump, in a way.  It hasn’t got a lot of limits yet, either, though.

I intend to make this a place where all feel welcome.  I haven’t waived my skepticism of internet culture simply because I’ve chosen to become a part of it.  I hope many of you become friends of one sort or another, and I’d like to make this a community of interest and support.  I value honesty, integrity, sincerity, and courage.  A lot else beside those things.  I despise evangelism, though, so let’s all just be cool, ok.  ToadChapel can get pretty dark.


But it’s a little escape that has become important to me over time, and I want to share it with you if you’re interested.

I have a lot of enthusiasm for many aspects of the gaming world, and I’ll be sharing images, reports, etc. from other ‘universes’ as well.


I’ll make this as good as I can for as long as I feel compelled to do so.  If the small gods do not like the forces I unleash by making my field researches, excavations, linguistic and philological discoveries known, I shall bend to their inexorable will.