Another Acolyte

I just got back from a trip to my family’s cabin, where I joined Josh Berman (@quarterpaint) for a few days of painting, hiking, and gaming. We both painted a bust over the three days we had to work.

Bust of an acolyte, sculpted by Maxime Penaud and released by FeR Miniatures

I painted FeR’s ‘Acolyte’ bust for the third time. This was a repaint of a piece I did a year and a half ago. I feel comfortable saying I’ve made some solid progress! I love this bust for practicing skintones, light, fabric texture, and even a tiny bit of NMM.

I lavished around two dozen hours on this simple piece, and I think the added attention shows. I feel like this represents a new level that I know I can dial up when I dedicate myself to the process.

The bust features a youngish man with a shaved head in a grey robe

On the robe I once again explored the possibilities of polychromatic toned greys. It’s subtle, but I think it’s worth the effort it takes to achieve.

Magenta OSL lighting is visible around the back of the figure’s head and shoulders

I find Maxime Penaud’s sculpts to be nicely balanced between simplicity and details. I’d painted all three of his Secret Workshop offering, and all were great fun.

There is a rainbow of grey tones in the robes of the model.

This work serves as a crystallization of the fun I had with Josh. Sometimes we talked as we worked, and other times we might not speak for an hour. We took hikes when our legs needed a stretch. We are some good food and drank water we captured as it spilled out of a mountain. I can’t wait to go back and make more memories… and more minis!

5 thoughts on “Another Acolyte”

  1. It sounds like an awesome time to me! I really applaud you for painting the same sculpt three times. While I guess I do that sort of thing for gaming, I usually am sticking with the same scheme each time. To change it up each time would be hard or at least I think so. This latest version came out great. The lighting is a really nice effect and I like the gray cloth too.

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