I finished a relatively quick bust that I squeezed in between Barin and a trip out of town. It had been a while since my last female subject, and I haven’t done many overall. I found a model that would offer me plenty of challenges (female skin, hair, NMM) while keeping the complexity low.

Miniature bust of Eryet, from FeR Miniatures

This is Eryet, the Singing Blade from FeR miniatures. She was sculpted by Maxime Penaud, AKA the Secret Workshop. As usual with FeR’s offerings, everything was clean and crisp.

I immediately thought of Arya Stark when I saw this bust. She seems slight but not weak, she’s not over the top bodacious, and she has a look of premature experience on her face.

Painted mini of female warrior

I knew I wanted to continue my exploration of broken tones in the greys, and here tried to use temperature to distinguish the fabrics, which occupy a similar value range. Getting as much color vibration as possible into those greys helps soften the look, as well as creating interest in subtle tones.

Arya Stark figure

It was fun to try to really distinguish the major elements with shine, hardness, reflectivity, and saturation. I had a great time on this bust and I think I gained some valuable insight in the process. Let me know what you think!

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