Barin the Protector

I recently finished Barin the Protector from Hera Models. He is a great dwarf, less grim and aggressive than your average mini and a lot of fun to paint.

This project took longer than any I’ve done, but I enjoyed it the whole way. There were a lot of different surfaces to challenge me, and I just love the subject.

This was actually my first ever 75mm figure. It was interesting for me, who have painted 28 & 54mm figures, as well as 1/10-1/16 busts. Elements like the face and hands felt almost bust-like, but I did have to simplify my approach somewhat. I’m very happy that Barin is big enough that my wife doesn’t ask me if it’s an ‘ogre’!

The complex metal shapes took a long time, and I made a ton of changes to the bronze as I worked. Still, the practice was valuable.

I loved the little cat friend. A wonderful particularizing detail that invites interpretation. To me the cat elevates the sculpt and humanizes the character.

I modeled her after my own beautiful, faithful, and very silly Cora. Cora likes to sit on my shoulder while I paint!

I have a tendency to leave the backs of my models very dark, and I wanted to put enough light back there on this one to showcase the details. The red striped pants are a sort of Easter egg to reward a view of the back.

I’m really happy with this model. I tried new things, learned a good bit, and had a ton of fun despite a lengthy process. I’m also fond of and proud of the finished product. I can’t wait to get into some more 75mm figures… and more dwarves!

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions. Hope you enjoyed taking a look at this bearded bopper!

6 thoughts on “Barin the Protector”

  1. This is awesome and I’m glad you posted it here because I missed it on IG, if you’ve already put up there. This is a fantastic sculpt that is full of character and I think you’ve painted it really well too. The beard and face look really nice. All that practice painting busts is really paying off. Now there’s just about no mini size you can’t paint!

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    1. Thanks bud! Yeah, it was an interesting mix of scale limitations and possibilities for me. I knew what I wanted to do, because of all the busts I’ve done, and I had to try to figure out what was possible and effective at this size. I definitely look forward to more 75mm figures. Dwarves, obviously.

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