I’ve spent the last few weeks chipping away at Harald, an older Lucas Pina sculpt released by Heroes & Villains. While it’s not as polished or characterful as the pieces he’s creating now, it is a fun sculpt with a lot of personality.

I was using this model to push my command of NMM and hair, two near ubiquitous elements of mini painting that I, like nearly everyone else, could stand to improve.

I wanted the piece to be dark without necessarily straying too far into grim. I intended to explore a tight, desaturated palette without setting up any kind of scheme that would limit my exploration of those tertiary and neutral tones I love.

Even though I was trying to apply myself in developing knowledge and technique, this project was fairly laid back and emotionally uncomplicated.

Sometimes I feel like I’m supposed to burn with more passion as an artist, but I rely upon my time at the painting bench for well-being. I’d be lying if I said I want to suffer more for my creativity.

Let me know what you think of Harald.

Best wishes everyone for a safe, happy, and healthy New Year!

4 thoughts on “Harald”

  1. I know I’m your doting mother, but I find your treatment of NMM masterful. (Yes, I had to look up NMM. 🙄) Hair? Keep working on it. What I find most compelling is your rendering of his aging skin on the face and hands. Age spots? Florid nose? Wrinkles? Prominent blue veins? Great job, Rhett! ❤️


  2. The only one who wants you to suffer for art is Slaanesh, I reckon 😉 As I said on Instagram, I think this guy came out really nicely and the NMM came out very nicely indeed. Always happy to see you painting up fantasy busts and hope there will be more in 2022!

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