Göran the Ogre Mercenary

I recently finished Göran, a new bust from Hera Models. He served as my Thanksgiving break project. I spent a lot of happy hours painting this bruiser.

I was exploring color and texture on Göran. With a bust this big, you have to vary things to create interest.

I tried to hide as many colors as possible around the model. You can see, for instance, that the skulls, though all vaguely bone colored, are in fact quite different from one another.

This big honk was also a good one for playing the focus game. There are concentric zones of decreasing value and saturation to help establish the focus on his bright, colorful face.

The bust itself was a lot of fun to paint. Prep was a snap, details were crisp, and the bust had some personality to interpret.

In my imagination, Göran is actually a valuable mercenary in the service of some empire. The skulls on his necklace and elsewhere are all demons, vampires, dragons, etc. His monstrous appearance makes others distrustful or fearful, but he’s basically caught between order and chaos, using his talent for violence to defend a society which treats him with hostility. Or something. Anyway, this was a fun project, hope you like it!

5 thoughts on “Göran the Ogre Mercenary”

  1. This is a great project and it is one of my all-time favorites that you’ve done. It is a very Warhammer sculpt which means it has broad appeal. As I said on Instagram, this is another piece with excellent texture to it as well.

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