Painting Roundup!

Well, my loyal followers know I’ve been a wicked boy and haven’t published many minis since this Spring. I’ve actually been painting up a storm, but I’ve been too engaged with other things to document my productivity. Rather than put out a large number of small posts, I figure I’ll make a single post to share all the models I’ve finished since April.

Come on, I’ve got some great stuff to show you!

First up is Octavius from Black Crow Miniatures.

I prepared Octavius for the Brush Beast competition, but wasn’t fortunate enough to be recognized there. I can see now that he’s not as good as he could be, but I still like him. There are a lot of great, grimmer versions of this bust, but I wanted to do a classic, slightly goofy, Mustrum Ridcully-type wizard…

and that means a hat with stars on!


Next up was Borgossa from LeBen Miniatures. What a beautiful sculpt from Benoit Menard, and what an immaculate cast.

I was very happy with how I used powerful colors (about which I have sometimes received useful criticism) in a coherent way. I like how weathered he and his kit look. All in all, I’ll call this one a success.


Next up came an old sculpt (but a great one) from Romain Van den Bogaert. It’s a very sketchy shaman.

This was obviously a heavy lighting exercise. I was working on strong colors and clear directional light, and I figured I’d go all out on this one. I had fun and learned a lot painting this, and he got a very positive reception. This one didn’t feel exactly like ‘me’, but it was good to know that I can reach for this style when I need it.


I started off the Summer with a quick and fun project for my buddy Will Hahn. The figure is Onix 2.0 from Hera.

Will hurt his hand in a woodworking accident and I wanted to send him something to remind him that I was thinking of him and rooting for his recovery. He’s doing really well, as you can see from his incredible recent Witchhorn!

Will likes Japanese myth, bright colors, and fast painting, so I thought this fit the bill. I was again outside my comfort zone, but that’s not a bad thing.


The final project I completed before my studio renovation was Hyacint by ZabaArt.

If you’ve followed my website you know I love Lukáš Žaba, and this one is my favorite sculpt of his yet. I wanted to do justice to the sculpt, and also to create a work that really felt like me.

I’m happy to say that this turned out to be my favorite model I’ve painted. Is it my best? Who cares? It comes closer than any other to what I want my miniatures to look like. I hope I can find other sculpts to inspire me as this one did.

The idea of the floating stone window had been bouncing around for a good while. I wanted to add a suggestive scenic element to a bust. I am very happy with how it turned out, and I intend to apply the idea plenty more in the future.


Most recently I finished ‘Baby Kappa’ from Spira Mirabilis.

As you can see, I not only included an architectural accent, I also added little decorative rocks, leaves, and mushrooms to the base.

I am mostly satisfied with this one, but I think it fails to really communicate the human element the way I would like it to. It feels like a bit of a missed opportunity, because I think there’s some very nice painting on there. Ah well, I’ll try to learn from this one.


And that’s up to now! I’m currently working on another Spira Mirabilis sculpt, torturing myself with another extreme light situation. Let me know which of these projects is your favorite and why.

Keep your brushes wet!

4 thoughts on “Painting Roundup!”

  1. These are all great but I actually prefer the wizard which is surely a subject matter bias on my part. I do think his face looks really great as does his owl companion. I’m curious as to what you think you could improve on that bust. The lighting on the shaman is just incredible too. Maybe the best lighting I’ve seen from you on a bust so I can certainly see growth and increased confidence from you there!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks Kuribo!
    I like the wizard too, because he does express what I was trying to do with that bust and my eye just likes looking at him. That said, I think the feathers and the staff are not up to the standard of the piece, and I think I could have been crisper with the brush, for instance on the hat decorations. I’m happy with how he turned out (I don’t suffer from that artistic tendency to despise my own work) and I was proud to enter him in Brush Beast.


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