New Home Base for ToadChapel

Wow, been a while! I’ve been busy with the brushes, if lazy about posting. I’ll try to make up for that with a few looks back at the last few months.

Most importantly, July turned into renovation month as I transformed my studio space top to bottom. I’m really happy with how things came out, even if I have a few weekend projects left to really finalize the project.

I devoted a ton of hours to this effort, taking three weeks off of mini painting to make every hour afterward more rewarding.

I don’t have any true ‘before’ pictures, as I began this project thinking it was just a bit of cleaning and tidying up. Little did I know!

Newly painted steps welcome my guests, and me, to my third floor treehouse.

Cassie gained a nice spacious, bright play area. Including her in my hobby, and me in her fun, was a driving factor in my design and enthusiasm for this project. I want my daughter to feel welcome and have lots of reasons to want to join me in this creative space.

A new floor helped update a very tired attic. Under some linoleum I found newspapers from 1963! Fresh paint added a ton of light.

I created a dedicated, safe, and clean airbrush station. I need to keep the air clean with my little stinkbug running around.

Who needs a pile of shame? I have a shelf of opportunity!

My tea station is within reach of my painting chair. I think I’ve succeeded in making my space as functional as it is inviting. Everything I need for my hobby is handy, but it doesn’t feel cluttered at all.

My work desk reflects this balance, too. I’ve added objects, colors, scents, and sounds that inspire, calm, and focus me to the area where I spend the most time and devote the bulk of my creative energy.

I’m super excited to wear this new place in. I know I’ll spend many happy hours here, both alone and with my daughter. It’s already filling me with the desire to create something new!

6 thoughts on “New Home Base for ToadChapel”

    1. Definitely, Pete. Actually, in the process of rehabbing the attic I drew down my collection of CDs (yeah, I’m old in years and fashion!) from about 1,000 to about a quarter of that. It’s amazing the stuff I wanted to listen to ten or fifteen years ago!

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      1. Don’t worry I still have my 1000+ CDs in my living room, a legacy from my time DJing and writing for music magazines…. I couldn’t get rid of them as I do like to get back into some older stuff every now and again. Hell I still buy CDs today….



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  1. Who let that wild-man into your house?!? In all seriousness, that is a very Pittsburgh house if I do say so myself. Everything feels old and vintage there or at least that is how I felt when I visited my fiancée’s parents there. Your new space is looks great to me and I liked seeing your collection of past projects. Lots to be proud of there! I look forward to seeing more updates as you get around to them. I never miss an update on here whereas on Instagram, I don’t keep up with things as well as I would like, unfortunately.

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    1. Thanks, bud! It was real vintage, let me tell you. This is no exaggeration: in one place the layers of linoleum went 5 deep, including an amazing little cross stitch kitty cat pattern.
      I’ll get a big synopsis of my projects over the last few months up before long.
      And actually I’ve been off IG for a while now. I plan to go back, but I needed a break.

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      1. Oh wow. That is even more vintage than I expected! I look forward to the synopsis and I am the same with IG. I get burnt out/bored of it sometimes because it tends to feed you updates from the same small group of people for whatever reason. It is nice to see the latest work from all of the old CMON gang though!


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