Last week I found myself in search of a project that would challenge me and take me from my comfort zone, but that I could regard as an experiment rather than a piece to be finished to display level. I ended up pulling the Logan, er, human academic bust from Hera out of my box of resin.

I was inspired by some artists who have been painting busts in a deliberately different style from their norms, and wanted to imitate a painter who would force me out of my usual methods and concepts.

I dug out my copy of ‘Sláine: the Horned God’, with its Simon Bisley illustrations, and knew I had found the necessary source of inspiration.

The exercise was difficult and enjoyable both. It required discipline with brushstrokes and forced me to commit to things (like some highlights) that I simply wouldn’t do normally.

Here were some notes I took to try to keep myself on track.

I definitely made mistakes, as with the transparency of the paint I used. And in some cases I deliberately deviated from Bisley’s example, in order to see how I might apply some of his style to my own approach.

I look forward to painting more of these experiments, pushing my work away from my accustomed style for the sake of broadening my understanding and technique. I encourage you to give it a try, too.

2 thoughts on “Logan”

  1. Its always a great idea to push yourself and try new things. That usually leads to a period of growth or at least that is what I find anyway. I love Wolverine so this is a great subject matter to paint. Personally, I think a dark and gritty version like you have here fits Logan (and indeed Hugh Jackson as I called him on Instagram) really well. I’d certainly be proud to have this one on my display shelf and is a job well done!

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