Treebeard Comes!

Baroom baroom! I scored this great bust of an ent, sculpted by Lucas Pina and released by Robot Rocket Miniatures and I couldn’t wait to get some paint on him!

The figure is based on ‘Mean Tweets’ by illustrator Justin Gerard, but as I omitted the nasty crows I am just calling him Treebeard. Justin’s clever wordplay doesn’t really work without the tweeters.

Ivan Hortal, one of my painting heroes, oversaw art direction on this project, and provided the box art.

I smashed my version out in only five days, starting my Sping break off productively. There was a deal of repetitive work on all that bark & foliage (the figure is about 100mm tall), but once I had the basic textures and values in it was a lot of fun building up multilayered color.

My idea was to create a spotlight on the face that seemed to catch the light of a single brilliant ray of sunshine breaking through the canopy. There is a lot of shadow chop all over the model to try to indicate leaves and branches.

I had a lot of fun creating rich and colorful shadows no less that dramatic lights.

Lucas’s sculpt offered just the right amount of detail, as always. The model offered ample room for me to interpret and express myself, while also giving a clear personality to develop.

I’ve always loved ents, which we encounter in Tolkien’s The Two Towers, but I’ve never encountered a mini of one that really grabbed me until now.

I’ve started leaving the backs of dramatically lit models almost black. It flies in the face of mini painting convention, but it seems to me justified by both naturalism and compositional concerns.

Well that’s Treebeard! I hope you like him as much as I do. Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think of this old boy.

4 thoughts on “Treebeard Comes!”

  1. Treebeard looks excellent! I really like his soulful eyes. You really painted those well. Your basework is excellent here as well and helps flesh out the scene without taking away from Mr. Treebeard as the main focus. This is one of my favorite projects you’ve done but that probably is no surprise considering me LOTR SBG background 🙂

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