Dwarven King

Almost exactly a year ago I finished a dwarf bust by Lukáš Žaba. I wanted to do another at this time, punctuating a weird, stressful, yet productive period in my life and representing my artistic growth over the last twelve months.

This is a piece that hopefully captures something of what I’m trying to convey in my painting. Deep colorful shadows, lively & complex skintones, and compositional focus were my aims.

I love Žaba’s sculpts. They’re quirky and full of character. You can feel the concrete details of the personalities he’s creating. Go buy some.

I feel like this piece isn’t so much a culmination of my efforts as a proof of concept. I intend to explore some of the ideas I played with here in other work. I hope you’ll come back and check up on my progress!

I’d love to hear your comments and questions, so please do give me a shout.

4 thoughts on “Dwarven King”

  1. Hi Rhett,

    Thank you for the amanita muscaria photo. They grow around here too — under pine trees that originally came from Spain. Googling around, I learned this bit of believable historical theory you probably know – https://moofmag.com/2017/12/12/santa-claus-the-magic-mushroom-the-psychedelic-origins-of-christmas/

    And, I admire your work on the Dwarven King. Four fingered like a famous mouse?

    We’re hoping we can travel east to see you guys sometime this year. We’ve had our shots!

    Ciao, Susan


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  2. You’re getting so good at these busts that you’re starting to make them look easy! I really like this little guy because of his personality and the excellent balance of textures. I really like the dark lighting used on the mini and in your photography, it captures the mood of this piece really well. I’m curious to see what comes next because you’re on quite the roll now! 🙂


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