Acolyte Again

This past weekend I dove into a familiar bust, Maxime Penaud’s Acolyte (Secret Workshop). I painted this model last Summer and liked it enough to get another copy. It was an interesting and inexpensive (though now sadly unavailable) mini for practice and experimentation.

This time around I was trying to work out some color ideas I’ve been chasing for months. I like it when the colors mix and pollute one another in the manner of an oil painting. I was trying to reproduce that magical luminous color that seems to emanate from within the prevailing hue.

I think my experiment was a success, most of all because I have a decent understanding of the process by which I achieved it. On other works (Conan, for instance) I felt a bit like I caught lightning in a bottle. Perhaps if I can replicate and refine my results on some future projects I can put together a tutorial on the technique.

Here are some final shots. This isn’t a showcase mini, just a set of painting experiments that I finished enough to stick on the shelf. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if I revisit this mini for a bit more experimentation.

And here are a few WIP pictures to illustrate how he came together.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this fun and quick little fellow. I hope you’re well and warm. Keep your brushes wet!

2 thoughts on “Acolyte Again”

  1. He came out really nicely and I like how the lighting ended up as well. The WIP shots were cool to see and while I have some idea of how people paint busts, it is nice seeing the WIP because of the layering of shades and the way lighting works. Its a much different process than painting your typical 28mm-32mm minis. Keep up the experimentation and I look forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve next!

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