Priest of the Unspeakable

My weird cult priest is finished! Two weeks on this mini, equal parts difficulty and fun. I’m happy with the result, especially as I approached this as a learning project as much as a display model.

My goal was to balance intimate warm fire light with cold moonlight, with a touch of magic thrown in for fun.

The model was interestingly complex for the light scheme I intended. This idea came to me a long time ago, and I felt the time had come to attempt it.

I tried to balance light intensity across the model. So, for instance, the right hand is not as bright as the face, though it provides a primary focal point by standing out amid the surrounding darkness.

For the scroll I did some simple free hands that might call to mind genetic engineering and immortality. I mean, isn’t that what cults usually get up to? I weathered the vellum with a sort of washy watercolor technique.

There are a lot of interesting angles on this fellow. Why not enjoy some more?

I hope you enjoy this creepy guy. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “Priest of the Unspeakable”

  1. I really like lighting and how it adds variations to the different viewing angles of the bust. Some busts aren’t terribly interesting to view from different angles because the lighting is fairly standard and you certainly avoided that here. The scroll or parchment he’s looking at looks really awesome to my eyes. I feel like I’ve said this about the last couple projects you’ve worked on but this is one of my favorites. I think it fits your aesthetics and interests really well. H.P. would be proud!

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    1. Thanks bud. I really appreciate your kind words. The orchestration of the lighting was my primary focus on this one, and I’m glad you find it convincing. It’s an area I intend to continue developing.
      And yeah, he is definitely my kind of odd character!

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