Celebrating Presidents’ Day

I have the day off, and it’s time to start my next project. Why not take this Presidents’ Day as an opportunity to paint something topically historical?

I’m looking forward to trying to strike a balance between historical and fantasy norms, realism and the portrait style of Washington’s era. Hopefully this will be a quick project to help me feel productive in these cold dark isolated weeks.

I hope Presidents’ Day finds you healthy and happy, wherever you are. Stay tuned for pics of my cultist project.

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Presidents’ Day”

  1. Haha, well, probably not turned to Cthulhu. Although I think there are so many crazy interpretations of this bust one could do.
    I actually laid him aside and I’m going to tackle something else. I decided that what I needed was another challenge, not a little walk in the park. I’ll get back to George sooner or later, though.


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