At Last, It’s 2021!

Happy New Year, mini painting friends. 2020 has finally released her crushing grip. We are, of course, no better off than we were two days ago, but I believe in the psychological power of beginnings, even when nothing has ultimately changed. The new year is a time to set goals and define success in the months ahead. So I shall.

Read on to learn my miniature hobby resolutions.

1. I intend to commit to bigger, more complex painting and modeling projects. You can see the beginnings of one in the bust above. I love small, focused pieces like academic busts, but I feel I need to challenge myself with works that contain more than a few elements. I am confident that deliberately adding more of a wow factor will help me gain more visibility in the community, set me up well for competitions, and create a more impressive body of work. Ultimately, those are not the primary reasons I paint minis, but none of them are without merit. I also feel that my progress as a painter will benefit from a commitment to creating works that grab the viewer’s attention more.

2. I’ll take more risks in my painting. I’ve made big gains when tackling new challenges. In 2020 I finished my first bust (and then painted 18 more!), committed to NMM style, wrestled with female skin, tried a few OSL experiments, and more. Without a doubt these new experiences helped me grow as a painter. With that in mind, I’ve got to ditch the fear and doubt and strive to realize my creative ideas. Freehand, anyone?

3. I’m going to get to some competitions. Ok, this one’s not really within my control. If miniature painting competitions are held, I’ll be there. So I guess this one is more of a hope. I hope we all get to enjoy those things that our shared crisis stole from us. Let’s go, 2021!

4. I’ll share more. I feel I’ve managed to reach out within the mini painting community more in the last 12 months than ever before. I got on Instagram and Putty and Paint, I met a lot of talented and generous painters, and I learned more from others than I ever have. Just as important to my sense of purpose has been the time I’ve spent with my daughter on my lap teaching her how to hold the brush and make orange out of red & yellow. I hope she’ll let me bring her into my hobby for a long time. Who knows, maybe for a lifetime.


Thank you to everyone who follows this blog. I know there are few of you, but it continues to mean something to me that you take an interest. If you have anything you’d like to see me bring to ToadChapel, let me know and perhaps it will turn into something. Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “At Last, It’s 2021!”

  1. Happy New Year and this new bust looks like an excellent subject to kick things off. Your hobby resolutions sound great to me and should help you continue to improve. I am hoping we see some painting competitions this year too as I’d like to enter for similar reasons as you. I look forward to seeing what you accomplish in 2021!

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