Road Girl

I’ve have finished painting the Road Girl academic bust by Journeyman Miniatures. When I started this project, I expected a fairly quick turnaround, but the model ended up taking nearly two weeks. This mini was challenging, but the challenges were mostly self imposed.

I had a lot of fun painting this bust, though I grew tired of painting things over and over in search of my best work. I’m not sure I’ll ever reach a standard I’m truly satisfied with, but I’m learning to strive to approach that level more closely. It tests my patience, focus, and stamina, but it’s making me a better painter.:

The model was a pleasure to work with, with a clean cast and refined details. There were a few very slightly wonky areas, but overall the mini was excellent. Road Girl is reasonably priced and I’d recommend her highly.

I love the balance of exquisite porcelain features and tough as nails expression. I tried to capture both of those elements, combining the smoothest blends I could manage with dramatic lighting and coloration. I’ve hidden a lot of sultry, moody violet on this one!

The skin and hair were challenging. I continued to rework the skin right up until the very end, and the hair received a total repaint. She even got a dye job!

This auburn hair reached a point where it was easier to replace than fix, so I slid the hair color over to Pantene brown.

I can tell you I was sweating bullets after I did this! In the end, though, I’m happy I did.

I’m happy I took this project on. Female busts are difficult for me, because technical refinement and a critical eye are demanded. There are many ways to fail. Everything has to be balanced. I think Road Girl represents a huge improvement over Sansa. In my photography as well!

I could thank David Colwell on every project since March. As I have improved, his criticisms have become more specific, more demanding, and more valuable. On Road Girl he helped me draw out the best effort I had in me. Thank you, David.

I would love to hear what you think about my painting on this great miniature. You should leave a comment and let me know!

5 thoughts on “Road Girl”

  1. She really came out well and I completely agree on her expression standing out! A lot of female figures look sultry to the point where it has become a bit cliché. I think I might have preferred if she were wearing clothes to give the painter another texture and color to play around with but it is hard to complain with how nice the helmet, hair, and skin tones came out. I think you did an excellent job with this bust and your skills are improving steadily with each project!

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    1. Thanks Kuribo. This one’s just an academic, so while I would have preferred a tank top as well, it is what it is. That said, I do have the half figure bust of Road Girl, too, who has all sorts of gear to paint!
      Happy New Year!

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