A few days ago I finished painting Touille, a delightful new miniature from Blacksmith. The model gave me a chance to continue my exploration of strong saturated colors, complex color composition, and vivid skintones.

I enjoy peaceful, happy, whimsical minis. Too often I show my enthusiastic two-year-old daughter a figure I’ve painted, only to have her point out that he’s ‘really grumpy’ or ‘really scary’. When I find an excellent sculpt like this one, then, that I know will catch her eye, I’m excited to get my hands on it. To be clear, these are also the kind of miniatures I like to paint most. I have no more fondness for demons clutching severed heads than my daughter does. Ok, maybe a little.

Touille provided the kind of genial personality that invites exaggerated, colorful skintones. A bright red nose and ruddy cheeks suit this happy dwarf (I think he’s a dwarf) best.

I found room for all the other colors, too. In addition to the strong yellow/green opposition, I walked the shirt through the cold end of the spectrum, and did the same for the warm tones on the hat.

I used purple in the shadows to tie the two elements together.

I really had a wonderful time painting this little character. Though of course I wish I could paint him better, he looks pretty much exactly as I intended. That’s not necessarily a good thing in itself (there’s nothing wrong with changing course as you go), but it does feel satisfying to bring a strong idea to a satisfying conclusion.

The great friends who have helped me grow so much as a painter this year confirm my sense that I’m improving with each model, and I’m eager to get started on something new. Stop back soon and see what’s on my desk!

Please let me know what you think of this one. Pete & Kuribo are my reliable commenters, and I really appreciate their thoughts and support. Join them!

Finally, it’s been a very long time since I’ve written a tutorial. I took some pictures of the process this time with the idea of writing something up about bust painting, since I’ve perhaps done enough of that to have something valuable to say. Keep your eye out for that in the hopefully near future!

2 thoughts on “Touille”

  1. You tend not to see miniatures that are this bright and vibrant but I love the work you did here. Both the green and yellowish-orange look fantastic to my eyes. They also fit the sculpt really well and I think this is one of the more fun busts I’ve seen in a while so it has been a pleasure to follow your progress 🙂

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