Cormac (2 XI)

The time came to fulfill the Saint Francis vibe on Cormac, providing him with his little woodland friends.

Mini bust of Cormac by Lucas Pina for Black Crow

While these delightful little animals offer the possibility for strong secondary focal points, I chose to paint them as humble, somewhat drab creatures rather than colorful personalities.

Lucas Pina likes to include a lot of animals in his figures and busts, and they contribute a lot of cozy vibes to his models.

The birds are wrens, which are fairly common in my area. They like to stand with their tails in the air, as seen on Cormac’s hand, and they are nice, shy little birds that would only come out to sit on the head of a man they truly trusted.

This furry fellow is a little ambiguous (and more than a little portly), but I’m calling him a mouse. Again I wanted a drab but interesting critter, one that would reward close inspection without tugging your attention away from the face and other main points of interest.

I also painted up the rear of the mini in recent days. This is the Summer side of the mini, so the leaves in Cormac’s hair are still green, unlike those in his beard. it has been fun seeing how much color I can sneak into an area so dark and undefined in places.

Both the animals and the back view are a good demonstration of the kind of strong focalization I’m trying to bring to this figure. Let me know if you think I’m succeeding on that score!

Thanks, as always, for having a look. I hope your mini painting projects are turning out great!

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