Cormac (28 X)

I’ve passed a crucial threshold with Cormac, bringing in the vibrant Autumn leaves to set the tone for the whole miniature. Hopefully now it is clear that Cormac himself represents the season and its fleeting beauty.

I find that my minis tend to evoke for me the circumstances of their creation, the time, goings on, and attendant emotions. I knew this year I wanted to capture the striking, fiery colors of the Fall foliage in western Pennsylvania (USA for those not familiar with American geography), playing into my sentimentality by making a kind of visual record of this special time of year.

I sought out nice looking leaves to serve as references. Of the trees in my region, maples display the most intense reds, oranges, and yellows. Fortuitously, their leaves are also shaped much like those in Cormac’s beard. I have several beautiful maples of different species around the campus of my school, so I gathered up some leaves to help me find the right tones.

These I kept on my painting desk as I laid in the leaves, benefitting from the atmosphere they provided as well as their reference value.

I also spent a good deal of time trying to tighten up various elements around the model. A lot of work went into shaping and sharpening the beard, and I virtually repainted the left side of his face.

This mini continues to inspire both joy and creativity in me. It is simply marvelous. I feel I’m painting without fear, doing what I need to do to create the impression I’m after. I’m trying!

Thanks for following along with the process. Let me know what you think, and if you have any questions send them my way.

Keep your brushes wet!

One thought on “Cormac (28 X)”

  1. The color that the leaves bring really makes this bust catch your eye. I think the beard colors and the leaves work really well together too. There are some really nice synergies developing in this piece and I’m looking forward to seeing more progress on it!

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