Cormac 26 X

I have more progress to share with you on Cormac. I’ve been able to paint nearly every day recently, often for nice stretches, and I’ve built up good momentum as I’ve worked through most of the major areas on the mini. Still a lot of work remains, though, as the details will require care to do justice to the sculpt and my vision for it.

Textures have always been an important part of the way I paint, and I hope I’m achieving finer and more interesting material effects now than ever before. Certainly as I strive to fulfill the artistic course I’m charting, I want to incorporate the continued and conspicuous use of textures in my work.

The shirt was particularly fun, and turned out well. I’m not sure I’ve seen fabric treated in exactly that way. In truth I was trying to imitate an effect I admire in others’ painting, but I sort of failed successfully! The stippling on the vest is some of my best, I think. I hope it provides a nice, soft background for some of the more decisive linework.

The warm tone of the clothes will support bright Fall foliage in his beard and hair. I like my artwork to reflect where I am in my life, and so I hope to capture some of the beautiful colors of the Autumn that lingers as I paint this bust.

You can see from this picture that the ambient light for the figure is split between a strong blue light to Cormac’s front and right, and an equally strong green light to his rear and left. The two lights meet and mix in his beard and on the vest.

My concept is that behind him, in his past, lies Summer, whose vital green glow still lights his world.

However, the chilly nullity of Winter lies ahead. Time is short, and he exists in the borderlands between abundant life and the death and paralysis of Nature. Yet, as we know, Winter is not true death. Life hides, and thrives, amidst the scarcity.

Caught between extremes, the wisdom and compassion in Cormac’s face hint at his reconciliation to the inevitable changes of seasons, and of life.

As always, I’d love to hear from you as I work through this project. I appreciate your support and send you all good wishes on your own projects. Keep your brushes wet!

2 thoughts on “Cormac 26 X”

  1. While I always admire the textures you achieve on busts, I agree that this is some of your strongest work yet. I like how both articles of clothing have very distinct patters on them. They also look well-worn which fits the character well too.

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