Cormac 20 X

It’s been sheer joy painting Lucas Pina’s Cormac bust (Black Crow). Every pose and gesture is super expressive, and the face shines with humanity. It’s my first time painting one of Lucas’s sculpts, but it will definitely not be my last.

I’m daydreaming of painting Cormac when I’m at work, eager to explore his character and effects. I have a clear plan of how I’ll handle the various textures, but the spirit of discovery will guide my brush.

I feel as if my motivation, artistic reflection, and the model have come together in a magical way to bring out work that feels authentic and (so far) successful.

Look at those hands! Such a story they tell.

There are many beautiful angles in this sculpt. There’s hardly a bad one, to tell the truth.

I think I’m about finished with the skin, at least to the point where I can move on to the rest of the model and see how I can pull it together. There’s quite a lot of color in the skintones, which I feel lends itself to the kind of fairy tale vibe I mentioned last time. I hope you’ll follow with me as I apply my classic illustrative ideas to the rest of the model.

Let me know what you think of Cormac. I always love to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “Cormac 20 X”

  1. The face is even more eye-catching now! The way you shaded it really is lovely. I’m really glad to hear you’re enjoying working on this bust and I will be excited to see more updates. Its already shaping up to be something special!

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