Cormac 17 X

I’ve gotten in the habit in recent months of mostly showing finished minis around ToadChapel, and I figured it might be fun to work through my next project with more of a log running. My next model is Cormac, a classic bust from Black Crow Miniatures that has been painted well in a variety of styles.

I’m hoping to bring to this project a clear aesthetic direction and the patience to see it through. I’ve been thinking a great deal about what I want my figures to look like, what my style is, and I intend to apply the fruits of that reflection to this model.

I’m aiming for something illustrative in a classic sense, inspired by fairy tale imagery, traditional media and methods, and an aesthetic liberated from the need to impress other mini painters.

Inspirations such as Charles Folkard and Edmund Dulac may prove difficult, if not impossible, to fully integrate into a mini painting context, but I don’t intend to imitate them too closely.

My muse is pushing me toward a cluster of ideas and ideals, including dense and distinct textures, subtle balance of desaturated colors, a tendency toward tertiary colors & earthtones in the palette, controlled but confident use of contrast, and deliberate, even extreme, focalization on key objects on the model.

I’m aware that some of what I’m eager to try may not translate effectively to mini painting. I can cross that bridge as I come to it, either by rejecting certain ideas as unworkable or adapting them to the requirements of the medium. More importantly, a clear sense of direction doesn’t require a unchangeable destination, and I can alter these stylistic priorities both from project to project and in a more general way as my approach to painting miniatures develops.

I hope you’ll follow along with this project as I work though some of the technical and aesthetic challenges I’ve taken up. As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts, too.

Keep your brushes wet!

2 thoughts on “Cormac 17 X”

  1. I like the both the idea of keeping us abreast of your progress but also trying to achieve a specific style with this bust. Its a great bust and painting it in a more fairy tale style should amplify the personality already sculpted into it. He’s looking great already and I like all that pinkish-purple shading. That should help you get the look you’re aiming for!

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