Rolf, My Boy, See If This Pot Fits on Your Head.

I have put the final brushstrokes on another bust from ZabaArts. This is Rolf, a dwarf with a, er, versatile hat.

As with all Zaba characters, Rolf has a ton of personality that is a joy to draw out and interpret with your brushes.

I tried out some new ideas & painting concepts, from the moody dark lighting to the brushed metal NMM on the helmet.

I was happy with how the different materials showed distinct textures and reflectivity, despite the fact that the same colors are recycled throughout.

I keep experimenting with dark, desaturated colors, non-metallic metals, and different lights. The more I learn by these efforts the more I want to carry them to another level. I’ve surrounded myself with some excellent painters who can give me the feedback & guidance I need to keep improving. I hope you’ll follow the journey as I strive to become a better painter.

As always, I’d love to hear what you think of this piece. Leave me a comment!

3 thoughts on “Rolf, My Boy, See If This Pot Fits on Your Head.”

  1. I really like the non-traditional metal colors and the lighting effects look great on the dwarf’s helmet as well. I think this piece has a great mood to it that is very distinct and I suspect the color choices are what is creating it in large part. Excellent work all around and quite possibly my favorite bust you’ve done yet 🙂

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