Android Antihero

I finished up the rogue robot from Trovarion Miniatures, and I’m very happy with how he turned out.

I made significant changes to the mini, all intended to place maximum focus on the face(plate). The most notable was the switch of the color of the bags.

I also played around with the values up and down the mini, sacrificing details in the lower regions to serve the overall plan. These changes are more subtle, but do more to establish the spotlight effect.

The headscarf was a lot of fun to paint and I learned some important lessons regarding highlighting patterned materials. It’s funny, a year ago I would have said I don’t like blue much, but I’ve come around and immediately wanted to make the strong blue of the scarf the dominant color on this mini.

For the light situation I aimed for something directional but generally bright. I’m still developing my ability to communicate directional light, but I enjoy the challenge and the dramatic possibilities it brings to a project.

This was a joyful project that turned out well. It represents an end to a period of productivity and the learning brought on by countless hours at the bench. I’ll be headed back to work in the coming days, so I won’t have the same time to commit to the hobby. However, I’m bent on incorporating a painting routine into my daily schedule. It’s likely you’ll see fewer finished projects in the months ahead, but I hope I can give you a window into my process and share the creative adventure with all of you.

As always, I’d love to hear what you think about either the robot or the reflections on its creation. I hope you’re well. Keep your brushes wet!

4 thoughts on “Android Antihero”

    1. Thanks, Pete. Even though busts don’t have the same narrative possibilities as full figures and their bases, I think it’s important to try to tell, or at least suggest, a story with each piece.


  1. I thought you might have done some major color changes when I saw this on Instagram but I wasn’t entirely sure. I really like the color choices you made as I think the colder blues work well with a robot and the final results are top-notch! I hope the school year goes well and that you’re able to stay safe if you’re going to be in the classroom. As a former college instructor, I sympathize with anyone having to step back into the classroom right now with COVID going on.

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    1. Thanks Kuribo. I’d of course be lying if I said I felt no trepidation about returning to in-person classes. Hopefully everyone will be smart and disciplined. And if we get sent home for distance learning again I’ll have that much more time to paint every day!

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