Rogue Robot

I was getting a little tired of painting space marines (my tolerance isn’t that high!), so I reached into my box of models and pulled out the Rogue Robot by Trovarion Miniatures. I was attracted to the variety of materials and textures and the interesting mix of familiar and fantastical elements.

This is a WIP shot, with substantial development still to come.

The Rogue Robot is the second sculpt by Christoph Eichhorn I’ve painted, having enjoyed his Undead Knight a couple of months ago. Trovarion is an awesome painter, too, and I highly recommend his YouTube channel.

It’s been fun trying to balance neutral and bright colors, pushing past my natural tendencies to create the focus and effect I’m after. I’m looking forward to bringing him to conclusion in the days ahead. Let me know what you think!

4 thoughts on “Rogue Robot”

  1. I didn’t realize that Trovarion sculpted minis. I really like the character of this one and I agree, his Youtube vidoes are high quality. You’ve really painting textures effectively since you started with busts but these might be the best yet! Looking forward to seeing this guy finished.

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    1. I’d say that Trovarion’s sculpts are very static… which I happen to like a lot of the time. I don’t want every figure to be gyrating around to demonstrate the sculptor’s command of anatomy!
      Glad you like the textures. This bust encourages a bit of elaboration in that regard.

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