Project Space Marine 1: I Dropped My Sandwich!

My friend and mini painting mentor David Colwell suggested that I work my way around the color wheel as a means of deepening my understanding of color. He suggested using space marines for the project, as their abundance of simple shapes (spheres, cylinders, cones, etc) would give plenty of practice with light placement, and their open spaces lots of opportunity to improve my blending.

A space marine in green power armor

This seemed like a great plan, and here is the first of the chromatic space marines.

I’m pretty happy with this guy as a first effort, a starting point, a baseline.

A space marine with a bolt pistol and power fist

Still, I was surprised and humbled by how often I had to relocate a highlight or redo a blend.

Skills are visible on the base of the space marine

In truth, I settled for some areas that I never did quite get to work. I tried to keep in mind the purpose of the exercise, to build up competence and confidence as I worked through a series of exploratory models.

I have to admit that I’ve dug down to some pretty fundamental inconsistencies in my painting, like paint thickness, brush control, and more. Painful it may be, but I feel I must address these shortcomings if I am to continue to improve as a miniature artist in a sustainable way.

The back of the Astartes warrior

Look out for more colorful space marines in the weeks and months ahead. I’d like to see improvement in a number of areas. I am planning to create some new tutorials covering specific aspects of the project. I hope you’ll enjoy this learning journey!

As always, your comments are most welcome.

3 thoughts on “Project Space Marine 1: I Dropped My Sandwich!”

  1. I can relate to your feelings on needing to improve and making mistakes while painting the marine. I’ve been having the same feelings with the one I’m working on. I used to think painting marines was somewhat easy because you see so many people paint them well but I recognize the challenge now. This guy came out really well and I look forward to seeing future ones as I’m confident you’ll just get better and better.

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