Sinister Shorty

After a delightful break from all mini related activity, which involved several days in the woods with my family, I’m back at this kobold (whom everyone calls a leprechaun) and starting to think about wrapping up the painting.

Here is where he stands now, needing gold NMM buttons, buckles, and bits and the inevitable tidying up before I move on to basing him.

A few months ago I began benefitting from the all around support of an incredible painter, David Colwell, who has become something of a hobby mentor to me, and he’s helped me identify certain areas that I can work on in my painting, choosing appropriate models and developing my technique and understanding through my projects.

One thing I’m trying to improve on this model is my ability to deliver very powerful bright colors. Before I began painting the kobold I decided I would aim to make the bow tie as visually stunning as possible.

This was my timid initial effort! It looks pretty good, but it certainly doesn’t whap you over the head with bright color. My friend advised me to put one more glaze over the white highlights, and the result was much closer to what I had originally imagined.

It goes to show that sometimes it’s best to hold the course and really strive for the clear goals you’ve set for yourself. Every piece is a learning piece, and you can’t push new skills and expand your comfort zone if you don’t step beyond what you’re already capable of and confident in. as many have remarked before, it’s just paint. If you really do screw it up, you can always paint over it again!

Let me know what you think of this sinister little fellow. I hope you take a risk with your painting, hobby, or creative pursuit this week!

3 thoughts on “Sinister Shorty”

  1. This guy is looking great and while I’m sure he is done by the time I’m seeing him, I’d say that making the colors as rich as you can might be a challenge on a model like this. I think you did as well as you can for the color palette this character allows if you know what I mean. You might consider trying to paint a mini that enables you to to really explore and push colors to their maximum richness for future projects. I’ve had some good success with that on the Dark Angel I’m working on and plan to do more of that sort of thing in the future as well. Looking forward to seeing this guy finished up in the near future!

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