A Full Figure at Last

After a good string of busts over the last few weeks, I got the urge to paint a full figure mini again. I dug this kobold from Blacksmith Miniatures out of the box and felt he’d do nicely. This is one of the models from the J.B. Monge line they did, which I kickstarted a few years back.

He’s 54mm, but short because, you know, he’s a kobold. Still, he’s got an enormous dome, so that is nice to work on.

The image above presents a fairly significant departure for the mini I originally sketched out.

My initial idea was to paint him up with a pale greyish skintone. I actually liked how this came out, but more than one of my painting support team urged me to breathe a little more life into him, so I ended up taking him in a different direction.

It’s obvious that the more colorful kobold will draw attention more decisively toward the face, where the colorful eyes should gain maximum exposure. He also just looks more lively, which suits this spruce little character well.

As I work hard to improve as a painter, I find it valuable to just trust the judgement of those I respect a lot of the time. I’m not painting my magnum opus, so I can delegate some executive decision making and just concentrate on bringing my best effort to the paintjob. When you’re in a learning phase, you don’t want to be crippled by reflection. Surround yourself with people who have a lot to teach you and let yourself hear what they’re trying to communicate. When you know what they’re saying, execute the plan.

3 thoughts on “A Full Figure at Last”

  1. This sculpt is most definitely nightmare fuel (in a good way!). He looks like a good challenge to paint as well. I somehow missed seeing him on Instagram and I’m looking forward to seeing more updates as I get caught up. Your advice on letting better painters than you provide feedback is spot on. I’ve been doing that for quite some time and I can’t understate how useful it is.

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