I just finished up a wonderful bust from Artik Toys, sculpted by Patrick Masson. It’s a vampire based upon a painting by the great Paul Bonner. You can read some of Bonner’s thoughts on the composition of the painting (and, you know, see it) in an article he wrote for Muddy Colors.

He’s so monstrous, as Bonner says, and nothing like the slick, sexy vampires we’ve seen so often.

Though you could certainly make this vampire more menacing than I have, I represented him realizing the arrival of his own destruction as the light of dawn spreads its yellow light over his face.

I like how medieval, even tribal this vampire looks. He’s got a mix of fancy metal work and just big chunks of (in my version) bone hanging off his armor.

A blight upon the countryside. So ancient, selfish, inhuman, a true monster, doomed and damned. At last the scourge lifts with the cleansing rays of the Sun’s first light!


I’ve been stingy with WIP posts lately, but I promise to start delivering those more regularly. It’s hard, though, when you’re turning models around as fast as I have been.

As always, I appreciate any thoughts and feedback you care to share with me. It keeps me motivated to know that my work gives you something to think about and enjoy.


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2 thoughts on “Nosferatu!”

  1. Excellent work and it is really cool to see you tackle a very different subject. This is a great sculpt and I like the vision you created here. The NMM on the metal armor plates looks great as well. No worries on the WIP for smaller projects and we’ll be glad to see them on the larger projects as well!

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