Sad Jester

When I saw this bust from Lukáš Žaba I immediately wanted to paint it. The face of the miniature was so expressive and the volumes so interesting (especially the horns of his fool’s cap) that I knew it would be great fun to get a brush on him.

Emmett  mini bust from ZabaArt

How he came to me is an interesting story.

I texted Lukáš, the one man band behind ZabaArt, over Instagram to show him what I had done with Bragg. If you follow the link to Bragg, you’ll see how much my painting and photography have improved over the last three months!

Anyway, I idly said to Lukáš that I hoped he was working on a cool mini. He showed me Emmett (the official name of this jester) and I was just dumbstruck by how cool it is.

Mini bust of Emmett from ZabaArt

I told him I planned to buy the model when it came out, and Lukáš revealed he had five of them cast and would send one to me if I wanted.

Thus, I bought the figure two months before it was officially released (Žaba was working on the box art at the time). However, COVID delayed postage so long that I actually received it two days after it appeared on his webstore. Still, I was the first to get my hands on it except for Lukáš. I jumped right in and finished the bust in three days.

And then… as with my Norman Warrior, I wanted to wait to post him (here and on Putty & Paint) until I could get some decent pics. So despite my ordering him in March and painting him in three days, he’s just now making his official debut.

Side view of miniature bust of Emmett from ZabaArt.

Let me know what you think of this miniature! I always appreciate your feedback.

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