Norman Warrior, Hastings (1066)

I finished this handsome knight a few weeks ago but held off posting him until I could get some decent pics. With some help from a friend and mentor, I’ve stepped up my photography game and now I’m eager to share him with you.

Norman Warrior, Hastings 1066 FeR Miniatures

I found this bust to be a joy to paint. Plenty of varied texture and lots of open space for the brush to tell a story.

Norman Warrior, Hastings 1066 FeR Miniatures

His face is calm, yet lent itself well to powerful expression. I’m proud of this miniature and feel attached, as I regard this as a definite ‘level up’ figure for me.

Norman Warrior (shield), Hastings 1066 FeR Miniatures

The freehand on the back I quite like. I want it to seem brightly painted, but in shadow. I also wanted to reward the rear view without detracting from the focus of the piece, the face.

Let me know what you think of this model. I always enjoy hearing your thoughts and impressions.

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