Anyone Need a Hug?

Another quick and enjoyable bust, this one also by Romain Van den Bogaerts.

I tried out a looser, more complex approach to the skintones, and think I got some nice shades onto this mini as a result. I mixed a lot more midtones rather than applying specific paints in specific light zones, jumped around between the various mixes, and layered them on in translucent layers.

The figure comes with a pretty cool spear, but I left it off, preferring a more sympathetic look for this fellow. In my imagination he was a pretty gentle, sensitive guy, whose monstrous appearance made it difficult to find friends. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Anyone Need a Hug?”

  1. He reminds me a bit of Oni in Japanese (and possibly other Asian countries?) mythology. I think the pinkish skin is impressive as I tend to get so used to painting normal skin tones that it becomes challenging to think “outside the box”. I like the variety in subjects you’ve been painting lately and I’m going to have to go check out Romain’s other sculpts because they seem to be high quality!

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