The Shaman Ate Something Weird

I’ve been very productive painting lately, finishing three miniatures since I posted WIP shots of the Norman warrior figure nine days ago. I’m eager to share them all with you, but I am really trying to level up my photography and I’d like to give you higher quality images to enjoy.

“Was that the right mushroom?”

Anyway, you can see one of the figures here, hopefully looking a little better than usual.

This was a simple and expressive mini, so I set myself the challenge of completing it in a day (not counting prep and a bit of grissaille, which were done the day before).

“Who put this ring in my nose while I was on my vision quest? Frank? It was you, wasn’t it?

Painting so quickly have me a chance to capture some of the great expression of the mini without worrying overmuch about refinement. I also had to work quickly on things that typically cause me trouble, like NMM. It’s not a particularly fast method, but I used stippling and glazing across the whole figure.

“Man, these ear things are killing me.”

The mini was sculpted by Romain Van den Bogaert. I have another of RVdB’s figures working its way toward paint now.

Thanks for checking in. I’d love to hear what you think of my little experiment.

5 thoughts on “The Shaman Ate Something Weird”

  1. Now that is a different kind of sculpt! I really like the skin tones you achieved and stippling really looks natural. For some reason, that guy reminds me of some of the “interesting” background characters that Daenarys (probably spelled that wrong) might have come across when she was liberating slaves in GoT. Its really cool and stands out from the typical heroic subjects you see.

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    1. My wife also thought Game of Thrones, but she said it reminded her of Varys. Definitely fits the vibe.
      I really like finding subjects that are not heroic warriors. There are enough of those done well by many other painters, so I try to find the subjects that interest me most and I guess that does set me apart from a lot of other people. Definitely ok with that.

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      1. Glad it wasn’t just me on GoT 🙂 I hadn’t thought about it but you’re right. You always manage to find projects/sculpts that are a bit different than most people’s which is makes your work that much more interesting to follow. I’d say you should keep that good thing going!

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